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Ryvian Renovation Journey

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On 10/19/2015 at 8:35 PM, ryvian said:

Loots in Malaysia

We do not own any vehicle, thus, buying from JB is hard for us. All thanks to my new neighbours, we were able to buy all these stuffs back from JB. We hitched a ride from our neighbours and we went in to JB to shop together!


Fanco E Trinity 56" (JB Proelect)

initially, we wanted to get Amasco Triniti-II 56". But locally is selling at about $899 I last checked, which is over my budget. We then discovered a similar model from Fanco, which is this model: Fanco E Trinity. But Singapore is not selling this model yet, due to quality check. We had to turn to JB. We got this at about S$500 from JB Proelect without the lights.


We got 6 ceilings lights (2x24W, 2x18W, 2x12W) for our bedrooms, toilets, service yard and bomb shelter from JB Proelect as well. They cost me less than S$200 for the 6 lights.


Deka Galaxy M3 (JB Proelect)

This fan is bought specially for my wife. She wanted a fan just to blow her when she's doing her make-up. This fan is small yet powerful! This fan is about S$120.

I also bought some kitchenwares and toilet items from this place called: Ginmit Trading. I did not take any photo of the items, but I did take photo of the receipts. It's still very cheap even after paying GST and custom tax.



Do you recall how much was the Fanco e-Trinity in RM? Also, how is the fan? Do you experience wobbling issues with the fan?


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