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  1. Hihi, do you have the Elmark electrician's contact by any chance? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Is this the AirSprine fan that Phylux says is new? If convenient, could you share more photos of your purchase please? Thanks!
  3. Yup, it looks like its a different ceiling mount, and potentially a different downrod. Lucky for lalashir that Elmark Singapore had entertained her and managed to still save substantially! =)
  4. Hi, Can you pm/email me your best prices of the following fans please? - KDK U48FP - Amasco Triniti-II 56" My email is leavemealoneplease@gmail.com (=P). Thanks!
  5. Thanks Reiken! I asked as I wanted to find out if the light kit that Tampoi sells for the fan 'wobbles'... Been to Phylux and am aware that their 'Aero' fan is in fact, the Elmark Aeronamics 23 that Renotalk members have been getting from Tampoi. Thanks! Curious to see your photos of the Elmark Singapore U hook as well as the Malaysia U hook! Btw, do you know still have the packaging of the Elmark fans? I've heard that these are made in China, as compared to the Fanco Trinity fans which are made in Taiwan apparently, but haven't seen anything to substantiate this.
  6. Hi, Do you recall how much was the Fanco e-Trinity in RM? Also, how is the fan? Do you experience wobbling issues with the fan?
  7. Do you have photos of your installed fans as well? Was the LED light kit designed for the fan? Thanks!
  8. Hi, Can you share how much the Elmark fans cost? =) And what did you do with the fans since they're too big???