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We are hunting for ID and/or Contractor to reno our new 5RM BTO. My wife says my budget is unrealistically low ($20K) for what we want to be doing... :(

Anyway, my plan is to look for a total of 12 quotations first from ID then from Contractor. Here's the first one. Appreciate if reno experts here can advise if the price is reasonable :). Thanks in advance.


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1st Quotation Received.

Living Room + Dining Space
1. $xxx     - Construct door kerb c/w tiles finishing at entrance
2. $xxxx   - Full height 5ft shoe cabinet
3. $xxxx   - Half height 9.5ft TV console with display cabinet
4. $xxxx   - Level living room recess with false wall
5. $xxxx   - Construct L-shape half height wall with window and PD door (Study Room)
6. $xxxx   - Full height 6ft customized display cabinet (Dining Space Wall)

1. $xxx     - 24ft concrete kitchen cabinet
2. $xxxx  - 19.5ft bottom kitchen cabinet
3. $xxx     - 3.5ft top kitchen cabinet for fridge enclosure
4. $xxx     - 2.5ft full height storage cabinet
5. $xxx    - 2ft full height for built-in oven, microwave, etc.
6. $xxxx   - 19.5ft Quartz top
7. $xxx     - Frosted glass swing door

Common Bathroom
1. $xxx   - Construct shower kerb
2. $xxx    - PD door
3. $xxx   - Change toilet bowl and sink

Bedroom 1
1. $xxxx   - Full height 5.5ft wardrobe
2. $xxx     - Solid wooden door

Bedroom 2
1. $xxxx   - Full height 5.5ft wardrobe
2. $xxx    - Solid wooden door

Master Bedroom
1. $xxxx   - Full height 7.5ft wardrobe
2. $xxx     - Built-in 2.5ft suspended dresser with mirror
3. $xxx    - Level master bedroom recess with false wall
4. $xxx    - Solid wooden door

Master Bedroom Bathroom
1. $xxx     - Construct shower kerb
2. $xxx     - PD door
3. $xxx   - Change toilet bowl and sink

Painting & Others
1. $xxxx   - Paint whole house
2. $xxx     - Protection sheet
3. $xxx     - Washing of whole house
4. $xxx    - Clear debris / haulage
5. $xxxx  - ID charge

TOTAL: $xxxxx (excluding 7% GST)


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Hi Jasper, Singapore contractors or IDs are somehow higher than other countries. Maybe is due to supply and demand, and also the manpower and material costs in Singapore. For 20k to fully furnish a 5 Bedroom flat is near impossible as stated by Darren.

By getting many quotes would not help much as well; you may confuse the contractor/ID/yourself later. Set the correct expectations from the start of the renovation process is important. I started with the wrong footing and that's why I am sharing with you. Fortunately, I have completed my 4 room BTO flat renovation by end Jan 2016 without much problems. I did all carpentry works for shoes cabinets and display, features walls, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes for all 3 bedrooms, airconditioner (Sys 4), electrical works,etc for a total about 31k. No flooring and no GST. Also this is after I ask for extensive discounts as most contractors will ask you to add this and install that during the installation period, and the final bill can be slightly higher than the initial quotation. ( Bear in mind and keep records of the renovation items) 

I have friends regretted after they sourced for the cheapest quote without going thru' details and contractor/ID didn't do what they promised or materials/services didn't match.

Please remember; cheapest is likely not the best, the best is likely not the cheapest!!!

you can pm me if you want to know more. Hope you have a smooth and pleasant renovation experience!!!

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