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  1. different ids work differently actually and it depends on many items u are doing. Usually the id will just mark up the price of the items u are doing & that's their earnings already. Some ids even have fees like design fees so be wary
  2. Hi, I am interested to call your painter. it is good price at $8 psf!

  3. Hi Fatpanda, I saw your post on looking for painters & i know how a painter to recommend! His company's painter painted my house with momento & it was quite a job well done. The price is $8psf if im not wrong.. do let me know if u wan the contact!
  4. Hey Cherrieval, Yea id firms will entertain you in such "small scale reno" & they charge accordingly to total work needed but it will harder for them to give u a discount as you are doing lesser stuff! Can always share my id with you if you require an id! Best of luck to your renovation works