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  1. my friend did advised me too & that it's better to play safe. Those homes that are around for more than 20 years, should hack and re-do the waterproofing as it can only last for 10-15years. unless you're not intending to stay long. but for wall can just do a cement overlay over the existing tiles as im also looking for options to redo my kitchen & two toilets. my living room i feel is fine to just overlay with vinyl flooring, but tiles maybe not. still considering.
  2. that's exactly my sentiments! think best is to compare more. compare too many also become very luan. haha.. i think i'll just stick to 5 or less. >.<
  3. thanks for the advise. i kinda get what you meant. but no, both are ID firms. was wondering is it a basic design for the $200/ft and any other designs will be an additional top up or any short change in their carpentry material. well, i guess every individual has their own definition of "cheap" or "tight" budget. i believe market in SG is about there, it's also about the comfort level, portfolio, proposals & transparency. Even coming from a customer point of view. what is cheap may not be good and what is good may not be cheap. but of cos not cheap at least reasonably price. :')
  4. Hello all, was just wondering what's the diff between contractor and ID? do you need to be home to manage if you engage a contractor? and from what i heard, will they not give any 3D drawings? also, having read around on some topics in the forum. some have a tight budget, while some will go for the cheapest. but what about the quality? and how much is considered reasonable and of good quality? if there's a carpenter who propose $200/ feet on full ht wardrobes and some others who proposed 260-280 range/ feet, does it mean the $200 will be short change in anyway? confuse here as some categories can differ quite abit between quotations. vs how do we judge on quality?
  5. Hi guys, new here... Actually got a quote from my ID. My concern is the carpentry works not sure whats the right range or reasonable pricing vs quality wise. they told me its solid ply. hope you all can advise.. thank you. CARPENTRY WORKS Entrance Design, fabricate & install full ht shoe cabinet with colour PVC - FT 10 - $2,900.00 Living room Design, fabricate & install full ht wall feature design c/w TV console (8FT) - L/S - $3,230.00 Design, fabricate & install settee w/ storage - FT 7.5 - $1,275.00 Kitchen (Cabinet door c/w soft closing) Design, fabricate & install top & bottom kitchen cabinet (TOP 15 FT, BOTTOM 15FT) - FT 30 - $4,200.00 Supply and install iQuartz kitchen worktop c/w single profile - FT 15 - $2,250.00 Master Bedroom Design, fabricate & install suspended TV console - FT 6 - $1,020.00 Design, fabricate & install sliding wardrobe with colour PVC - FT 7 - $2,240.00 Sub Total $14,875.00