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  1. Hi All, Background of house - Resale flat and old tiles (small tiles) (Living Room Tiles) (Kitchen Tiles) (Condition of wall covered with wallpaper) Due to budget constraint, would like to find out from anyone who had experienced with their resale flat living rm & kitchen overlayed with homogeneous tiles instead of hacking and laying it with 3-in-1 prepacked cement and tiles. ID said better hack existing tiles and do up with new tiles then just overlaying it as new tiles might popped later due to:- 1) potential hollow space in old tiles 2) the moving of the soil etc... Worse case scenario, was thinking of overlaying Living room with homogeneous tiles but hack the kitchen and re-do all the tiles. So, needed advise badly for those who had overlayed their resale flat living rm and kitchen with homogeneous tiles 1) Has it popped so far? 2) Advisable to overlay living room and kitchen? Last qns, 3) as the condition of the wall and ceiling is very original and 'raw', should I plaster the wall and not the ceiling? All advise are welcome. Many thanks in advance for the reply.
  2. Hi Morning Adkoh or anyone who has the contact, Able to pm me the contact for the $4psf (5mm) or range fr $4psf to $5psf. Many thanks in advance bro or sis.
  3. Hi Jane, Happy Holiday. May I have the contact to your electrician? Pls PM me or email me charles_huits@yahoo.com.sg Thank you very much.
  4. Hi Kelvin, May I have the contact of your electrician? Wish everyone a happy holiday and Happy SG50 Celebration. Heaps of thanks! Can Pm or email me charles_huits@yahoo.com.sg