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Hi all!

I am Alfred, a lurker at the forum, looking at many threads mostly during my renovation time. And this is my first post, and it is a positive review for my ID – Arthur (previously from XXX), who now started up his own company, Unix Interior Design.

My biggest take away from him is his Price, Efficiency, Responsiveness

That time,  I have only two and half weeks to start my renovation ( because I will not be in Singapore for some time), and I have quite low budget.

My goal is to find the cheapest way to get works done, knock down my kitchen wall, create a kitchen Island ( which we love), open concept, and have some nice kitchen cabinets. Also need to get all room doors, including toliet, and kegs for toliet. Main thing is still kitchen.

On first week I was back in Singapore I have lined up 8 contractors. My initial idea was contractors will mostly be cheaper. I was slightly overanxious for time on first day, and I went with a window grill contractor, which I feel is slightly expensive now. After meeting more contractors for different Items ( mainly cabinet / kitchen wall hacking ) I was able to get into the zone and understand some of these contractors are clearly MARKING UP because they know I didn't go through an Interior designer, they think that I do not know the market rates and are charging me higher, while their mouth is actually telling me 'Buddy you are young and nice to look for contractor directly, I will give you great price." So immediately I searched for Interior design companies with good reviews, as well as contractors all at the same time, meeting at my house.

Anyway after meeting with about 15 – 20 persons, and getting their quotes within a week, testing their communication response ( calling them on phone to reach them). Some of these turn out to be quite disappointing even though I have read great reviews about them. For example, one uncle told me that the wall hacking permit needs an additional $2000 and engineer signature, when I already sent him my floor plan, and even a newbie like me knows that as long it is not a 'fully black marked' wall, it does not requite an engineer signature to knock down. Some even recommended solid surfaces, when they know I have low budget. Some ID were really cool and nice, they have great ideas and recommendations too but their quotation was just higher for me. In

I remember Arthur was one of the first ID I met. He told me that I could create an island with half being a normal table height, while other side being a higher counter bar. At that point I liked the idea too, but due to prices of counter top materials I did not go for that in the end. I am a designer/ artist myself so I have very strong opinions of how things can look. So I didn't think that I will actually find an ID to help with my project. But as it turns out... My ID, Arthur, was cheaper than most contractors.. at least for me!


To be honest for me, money was most important. His quotation was, most competitive among all (even contractors) and it was a small coincidence that I chanced on calling him. I read through some of his reviews when he was at XXX, and it was good enough for me to go with him – He had afew good reviews, good response when I call / whatsapp him, good price & experience. I was abit scared to go with the cheaper quotation, but I have to make a decision and in the end, I trusted my instincts and went with him.


I took up these services from him :


  • To supply labour & demolish existing wall between kitchen & living
  • Acid Clean, debris disposal
  • Corrugated paper for floor/door protection purposes
  • Install Kitchen sink and Tap, pipe / Toliet accessories / Heater
  • Install 3 semi classic door , 2 Bi Fold door at Toliets


Masonary for toliet & Wall

  • Construct 50mm cabinet base with tiles skirting
  • Construct 50mm island cabinet base with tiles skirting
  • Touch up & make smooth damage edge after demolish walls between kitchen and living with cement smooth finish and hdb tiles



  • fabricate 20 ft solid plywood kitchen cabinet c/w laminated
  • finish,1 dish rack glass door, 4 drawer, 1 cutlery tray, 1 stainless steel dish tray
  • tray and ABS trimmings for all doors
  • 21 ft Quartz 20mm thick surface work top with 40mm profile
  • 8 ft solid plywood island cabinet
  • 8 ft Quartz 20mm thick surface work top


Well overall I am satistified. Sorry I didn't expect to type so long, KEYPOINTS: 


  • He is VERY efficient and responsive. Most, if not all his whatsapp messages are replied within 10 to 30 minutes, and I much enjoy efficient point form communications via whatsapp.

  • Good Price

  • Helping us with clearing unsightly wires from ceilings, corners, pushing fridge, washing machine, stove, which are not fully written as his duty on contract

  • No hesitiation in fixing some parts of wall, cupboard edges that are rough/ imperfect.

  • Able to go through all materials, handles for kitchen cabinet, Kitchen overall drawing, modification of kitchen overall drawing according to my research and customization.

  • Able to double confirm looks he wanted to achieve by sending photos of his other cilents. And offer profession advice though whatsapp, when I am oversea.


  • Abit too rush, he almost did Acid wash before my windows grills (my other contractor) are installed, but in the end okay, he did do the right thing and waited for all my installations finished, and did acid clean for my whole house

After Reno Service ( Final Note )

When the project finished I was pleasantly surpised. I have read of many people with ID / contractors delaying for all sorts of reasons before but I didn't think my project will be done so fast. Everything was finished in 4 weeks without me rushing. We thanked each other, and he asked us to recommend people to him, bidding farewell.

Then one day my wife was using the water heater system and have no idea why it suddenly stopped working. Probably because of a light installation the other day and the light person ( outsource) didn't fix back. From what my wife said Arthur seems to be quite chill and nice, sending one of his man down to do a fix up, and it was free of charge! I think that it was a very nice of him and proves his after reno services is quite good. We are pleased and quite happy to have engaged him overall, and will do so again.

He deserves the recommendation. I will vouch for him & Unix Interior Design's price, efficiency, responsiveness, professionalism as ID.  I believe if you respect him and his services he will do his best to make a great renovation for you. I do not know of more of his overall design skills, only kitchen / doors , and also because most of the time I already have a color / design / something I have in mind. He did show me the kitchen drawing of the cabinets / kitchen Island for visualization. 

Current design / decorations / wall drawings in my house, are made by me though. Thahaha I will post more pictures when its possible when more of my furniture arrives. It may not be super nice and showroom-like but It should be just nice while practical at the same time. Cheers!:D


My main Kitchen reno ( better picture next time when my furniture comes)


Door I get from him, price good 



He sent these visuals for my kitchen Island / Kitchen Cabinet. Not bad la I can get the dimensions etc, and I ask him to amend places accordingly 



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Ok more of my living room stuffs arrived. So that is the kitchen Island they made for me, and the choice of furniture and dining table / concept is by me =) 






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