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Hello, fellows!

Today we want to tell you something about Water Bubble Panels. In order to get some new customers :)

IMPORTANT! We sell not only Water Bubble Panels, but an e-book with all the instructions about creating them!

I bet that not every one of you know what kind of thing Water Bubble Panel is.

Water Bubble Panel

To put it simple, Water Bubble Panel is a flat aquarium without fish inside. But it has some air bubbles. Streams of illuminated bubbles rise effortlessly through water-filled chambers with the use of a quiet air pump hidden in the lower part of the design. And that's it!

Very simple, huh? There are several types of this features:

1. Built-in type


2. Enclosed type


Do you know how does this feature functioning?

Well, everything is simple again :)

Each design has a bubble aerator and an air pump in the lower part.
When air pump is switched on, air goes through hoses to the bubble generator and a process of aeration starts.
Bubbles begin to rise from the bottom to the upper part of the design and
LED lights create a magical effect which attracts attention and calms a nervous system.

Need to mention that high quality Water Bubble Panels are made not of pane or generall glass, but from acrylic glass (plexiglass). If you'll make a panel of glass, in a few weeks it will crack...

We attached some photos of assembling process.







As you can see, everything is very simple and you can easily make it by yourown!

IMPORTANT! We sell not only Water Bubble Panels, but an e-book with all the instructions about creating them!
We work in the aqua design sphere more than 7 years, and we have an e-book in which we give people instructions about manufacturing process and all the other stuff connected with Water Bubble Panels.

So, do you wonder how it is possible to make a Water Bubble Panel? Visit our website: bubble-wall.com
Contact us by e-mail: aquamodaa@gmail.com


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