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homebox studios pte ltd

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So its been quite a while since I have been here but since fellow mates introduced me to wilson I guess I should do a review on homebox studios - contractor


I got my unit in October... signed on 12th..and completed in November end. For the amount of work I think the time taken was really reasonable. All in all I paid 50k for downing of walls.. rehaulage of whole unit.. carpentry works.. the price was very much reasonable. of course there were cheaper quotes but I'm telling you when you meet this chap you will understand why i chose him.


upon signing with wilson.. he brought me to a wholesale shop to purchase some lights.total damage 1,264 only! I went to other place to see on my time off and found I could have paid 2.5k+ of the lights I bought. the shop only sell to shops in singapore but apparently is a good friend of his. the same day we also went to buy sanitary ware which was reasonably priced. So far other than a light which had a chipped corner (changed and replace) other still works great. so really happy with the all in one service and the effort they gave in to help us not procrastinate buying anything. 


After which the hdb was approved within 3 days.. and demolition work started.. Nothing much to comment here as I was overseas during this period of time but there were no sign of the old tiles after i came back. the walls were downed and hdb personal came down to check on the day i visited the unit but no complains were made.. apparently they just checked if the walls are demolished correctly.. i think i was the 'suay' unit cause wilson said it was the first time such thing happened..

the progress went smoothly and i visits the site every week and wilson is there almost every time being dirty and helping the workers. so i'm really happy that he really did take care of my house. The carpentry was almost flawless and one of the better ones I've seen. for something made by hand I really think the worker did a good job. everything was delivered and installed properly. all my things taken care of and cleaned for handover. on the day he handed over it was so cleaned my hubby and I decided to bring a mattress and sleep in the new house because we were just so excited. 


All in all... a few mistakes were made but all were rectified. I am impressed that wilson always place me first. understand that sometimes things get lost in translation but he was very willing to help us right the wrongs. Service was prompt and his reply is almost immediate on whatsapp. price is considerably reasonable for the quality he provided.. zero issue with tiles.. happy with carpentry.. so far still living comfortably in the house.. wilson still sends his workers down when I have some issues. of course there were some give and takes that we were both willing to compromise but it was all very minor. I called him earlier today to ask him how is he doing and told me he's getting an office and will be inviting me down when it is due to open.. this is my thanks to wilson and his team of workers... 


if you call him and say introduced by Sandra Tan he will give discount :) 


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Signed with them. Finally got the unit. Thank you for the referral. price is competitive and service is really good. I chose chris as my contractor so far so good. Any reviews on chris from homebox studios? 


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