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Aircon Selection Challenge

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Hi All,

I need an opinion on choosing between Mitsubishi Starmex and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon.

Aircon in 4 rooms (1 living and 3 bedrooms)

Living room (high usage)
Master Bed (high usage)
Other 2 bedroom (very limited, only when there are guests)

This is what I have booked with GC, though I have an option to change it.
Mitsubishi MHI

System 4 Inverter

SCM80ZJS (outdoor unit) with 3 ticks  [can support upto 31K BTU]
3 x SRK35ZMAS (12K BTU) [Bedrooms]
1 x SRK71ZMS (24K BTU) [Living room]

Upgrade to 1/2" SYS 4 (CLASS 1)
Upgrade Copper G23 to G22


Other Aircon I'm considering:

Get 2 System 2 units (both 5 ticks)

Mitsubishi Starmex:

Master Bedroom and one other bedroom
System 2 Inverter
(20K BTU) - outdoor unit
2x MSXY-FJ10VE (9K BTU) - indoor unit

Living room and remaining bedroom
System 3 inverter
(28K BTU) - outdoor unit
1x MSXY-FJ18VE (18K BTU) - indoor unit
1x MSXY-FJ10VE (9K BTU) - indoor unit

I'm wondering if I should go with just one System 4 or split to 2 System 2
If I choose MHI, then I can only use the Aircon in Living and Master bedroom concurrently. if I turn on any more units, the cooling efficiency will deteriorate.

Starmex costs more and I would be using 2 outdoor units concurrently, which is not cost efficient.


Thanks for the assistance.

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