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dont think you should buy blinds from taobao.. what if you measure wrongly? There is no way to alter the size once it's delivered. In my opinion blinds needs to fit well! 

I personally engaged Jia Partners (Http://www.JiaPartners.com) Spencer at 83222868. Thought their their service and quality of product was impecabble


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I had bought 8 roller blinds from taobao for 811rmb (excluding shipping fee to SG). I was quoted about SGD1700 for 6 rollers blinds just for my balcony but these included shipping and installation fee. There are 2 things which i don't like about the blinds, the gap between the PVC blind and the edge is a little too wide. Thus, if you have 2 roller blinds side by side, you can see a big gap between the 2 blinds (I would have expected a smaller gap). They are installed in balcony and gap is not too annoying for me, if is bedroom it would be less desirable. Another thing is the rod at the bottom of the PVC blind, it is plastic and is very flimsy and get blow up easily by wind due to the light weight. However, I just realize that the rod below can be replaced with metal rod and are sold in taobao too. I had already ordered the new metal rods and will be shipping over soon.
When buying roller blinds from taobao, few things to take note of:
1) Roller blinds + shipping fee + installation fee, is it much cheaper than Singapore. If no, then don't bother. If the blinds are too long, check with your courier if they can send it back (most courier will not be able to take too long items by air). You may then consider to use shipping but courier will be more expensive if you just buy blinds alone (take this opportunity to buy more bulky items as most shipping courier goes by per cubic metre).
2) Take the measurement correctly, Width and height, they calculate the roller blind by area. If you not sure how to measure, send them a photo and chat them (if you can communicate in Chinese with them). Also let them know if the blind is install within or outside window flame.
3) Choose the roller blind string mechanism (I go for the most expensive one which is just 10 or 20rmb more). Choose fully/semi blackout blinds, colour etc. Choose shop to buy from (just type 卷帘 in the search box).
4) Can you get a installer to install for you. I installed the blinds myself so no issue for me.
5) Ask for metal rod instead of plastic rod (卷帘铝合金下管), think most of them are plastic rod by default.

Hope this can help those who interested to buy from taobao.



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i bought blinds from taobao and it cost around 750RMB inclusive of shipping but spoilt after 2 months due to defects in the mechanisms. the seller from taobao is able to repair the blind for me but have to pay shipping fees cost $83.63 (to and fro). so i've did some research and found a local vendor to did the blinds for me. although it is expensive than taobao but they cover warranty against mechanisms and the service is good. 

My vendor is CK 83635326, very nice guy and help me and my wife walk through every details that we need to take note of. 

So in the end we think that some things can be bought online some things can't, well of cos me and my wife will still shop online :P


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