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Don't buy bosch ever.

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I should have heeded the advice here. Don't every buy Bosch. White goods will need servicing or repair and you don't want to deal with the worst customer service ever in the past 30years I have in Singapore and overseas.

My Bosch dryer started to malfunction, roughly 3 years old.  So I called for the Bosch service line. Made an appointment. Then the guy didn't show.  I called them and asked. They had nonchalantly asked if I had missed calls earlier, I said yes, I missed one call. I don't take calls from unlisted numbers especially overseas.  Well, it appears they had outsourced their technician support(to Malaysian folks) and they can't reach me, so they jolly cancelled the job appointment without even telling me.


naturally I asked for another to come, which again took few days.  He was late, and came and touched the dryer and said there was a part needing replacement.  He don't have it and it's out of stock. Takes 2-3 weeks to get here, so will call me.  3 weeks later, I didn't get a call and called them.  To be told by the customer service, huh, we cancelled the job, no idea what are you talking about,


clearly Bosch don't like dealing with customers and their problems to have no record, or perhaps they suffer dory syndrome.  I have just wasted 3 weeks waiting and they need to send someone to investigate the problem again.  Customer service, just buys time so customers get worn out and decide to trash the Bosch and change brand. They ain't keen to know what's the problem with their product and improve, nor help customers at all.


had similar repeat technician visits for fridge by mom in law too, for her fridge.  Bosch have outsourced too much, recorded too little and cared for nothing,  therefore deserves no love nor loyalty.




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Agree with this. Also had similar issues with their customer service, who probably thinks that the world owes them a living. Haven't had much problems with the products, but the recommendation is to buy from Harvey Norman or somewhere else where you don't have to deal with Bosch directly.


My hob was spoilt, and was surprised when it was easy to get an engineer to come down. Unfortunately, he didn't have the parts and it would have to be ordered. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the engineer's phone number. So, all I'm stuck with is the customer service, and all I asked was for them to inform me when the parts will be arriving. After three phone calls later, I am no closer to knowing if such a spare part exists. And to reconfirm, three calls were promised to me, none of which happened which is why I had to call them three times. If you don't want to deal with them, don't buy their products.


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