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  1. their quotes actually does'nt vary much so imagine my shock when i receive quote from Absoxxxx because they have quite a lot of positive reviews in FB so was under the impression i will be quoted sky rocket high becoz you know quality normally comes with a price.. you may want to give them a try or pm me so i can share more details about my ID from a happy owner.. agree with Hwmook, it is important for you to engage good ID matching your personality and budget!
  2. i like that you're going for daring /***** but i reckon that would be more costly right? initially wanted something like that in your moodboard but due to budget constraints, let go of it but still happy and content with the turn out of our reno all the best!
  3. my fave hobby playing badminton & table tennis , whataaa!
  4. ventot

    Kid's Room

    what a cute ideas!
  5. hello TS, i know youre already retired ID however would like to know if you're still active here , i'm new to this so i dont know where to start asking questions
  6. soooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excited for you!!!!