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Heat Rejecting Solar Film for Windows

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I know this topic has been covered many times, but I don't think there have been recent posts. Like many other posters, I have West-facing windows in my living and master bedroom and in my case they are floor-to-ceiling, so the place gets really hot in the afternoons. So I am after solar films and installation for only the west-facing windows. I primarily want anti-infrared but if they are also anti-UV, that is not a bad thing. The west-facing windows in the bedroom already have blackout curtains which I keep closed during the day, but the living room ones have louvered wooden slats which I cannot close.

I have spoken to my condo management and they don't have hard and fast rules on films, but they say reflective would be no go and anything very deeply tinted would also spoil "the uniformity of look of the condo exterior". I do like the fact that my flat is mostly light and airy so I wouldn't want it to become a black cave. 

I would like to hear from those of you who have had films put in (HDB or condo; I don't care) and have been happy with the results - aka cooler flats with preferably no peeling or melting of the films after 2-5 years. So I specifically want recommendations from actual users - thanks. I am useless on film application (had to do it at work once) so please don't recommend me any BYO films - I want a firm who will supply and install the films for me. If you can, please give me an idea of the cost per sq m or foot (no worries, I'm sure prices will have increased). If it is relevant, I live in the west of Singapore.

Thanks very much in advance!



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