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Some questions about kitchen hood

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Hi everyone! Apologies if these questions have been asked but I still have some doubts with regards to kitchen hood. I have never used kitchen hood before in my old house so this is the first time i am installing one.

I am currently looking at slimline Fujioh hood FS-890. It comes with ventilation and recycle version. I understand that ventilation duct is not allowed in HDB.

I am asking for recycle FS-890, its specs indicate that the oil fumes capture is 92% (or up to 92% I am guessing)

1) How effective is it when it comes to capturing oil fumes? Does it actually helps?

2) What does the airflow in the low/mid/high setting does?

3) Actually I don't understand the filter system. " Fancy Clean Silicone Coated Slot Filter " Can I clean it or do I need to replace the filter system?

Thank you very much.


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1) Some of the customer feedback is that they no longer need to close the door to the living room when cooking, as opposed to before using same model from Fujioh as the living room floor used to become oily after cooking. Even the kitchen floor felt cleaner.

2) Depending on the size of your kitchen, the setting helps you to regulate your energy usage.

3) You can wash the filter. In fact,  the silicone coating helps to clean it easily. Replacement is not required unless damaged.


* Suggested reading from Fujioh's website :


Filters that are coated are protected from oil damage. The thin coat of silicone prevents the oil from solidifying and keeps it in an emulsified form so they can be easily removed.


  • The Fancy Clean Silicon Coated Slot Filter is a technological evolution due to its small silicone coated gap slit. It traps twice as much smoke as compared to other filters in the market.
  • Innovated and made in Japan, the uniquely designed Fancy Clean Silicon Coated Slot Filter is the best way to effectively resist oily build-ups.
  • Galvanised sheet with silicone coating.
  • The Fancy Clean Silicon Coated Slot Filter is washable. Cleaning is quick and easy.
  • Upon contacting the silicone surface, oil particles in the smoke gets trapped in the filter, and disperses on the silicone coating. Since silicone has a higher density and also a stronger bond than oil, the oil turns into tiny droplets. And then, they can be easily wiped up becuase of their minimal contact surface area with the filter. All Fujioh filters are dishwasher-friendly.
  • Oil particles in the air and smoke fumes stick to the filter material and may discolour the metal material.




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