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Sorry guys I would not say or PM my contractor details here. For those who want the contractor details can leave your email here i will email the contacts to you when im free or you guys can email me at amyneo9@gmail.com


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My husband and I have had the good fortune Of meeting an excellent contractor like amyneo and will like to share my story....

Though we collected our keys ages back in mid 2016, we did not begin our renovation till Nov 2017 as my husband and I were overseas. We finally shifted in early Jan 2018.

Imagine we had to coordinate our renovation while we were overseas, I dread the renovation nightmares after hearing so many horror stories regarding the renovation from other friends. Fortunately, we were being introduced to this contactor via a friend and everything went on very well. We were adamant not to engage an id at all as we had heard of stories that ideas of id and contractor differ and the state of the renovation was in a mess, not to mention the high price we need to pay to engage an id firm. Furthermore, we knew what we wanted for our house.

My husband and I communicated with this contractor through watapps most of the time and sometimes through facetime. As we already had some ideas on what we wanted for our house, we communicated with our contractor by sending him some pictures and from there we chose our materials and colour themes of the house. As we were not in Sg physically, we relied alot on this contractor who  did lot of site checking for us and we were deeply grateful for the feasible and non-feasible feedbacks he provided us for our house. 

We have stayed in our place for almost 10months and personally I feel that the workmanship and after sale service is good. When I required the contractor to relocate a lightning point (however I need to top up for this service)and add more planks to my cabinets (which he gladly charge me free), he was able to arrange for me promptly.

An approachable and honest contractor indeed.

Here are some pics of our nest.









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On 5/25/2017 at 12:51 PM, amyneo said:

Hi all,

I had been a reader in this forum ever since i got my second house new bto flat done. I have to thanks the forumers here for providing so much information and helping me to have the right decision on engaging my contractor. 

Me have gone for many, i couldn't  even count, think got about several id/contractor for quotation. All the "big" name, all the common venues, i had been there...... 

Yes, i know it is crazy, time and effort draining. So many id, even from "reputable" company just couldn't gain my confident. Most are just so......... commercialize, trying their best to sell me their package, their company, how good they are, how "reasonable" their price is.......etc.

By the way, i learned from here, to list down what basic criteria i'm looking into.

Price, i am not going for the cheapest, there's many stories here about what they get when it is cheapest. But definitely,  i do not want to over paid too:D

Quality & service. Yes, i want quality & service. I'm willing to pay a bit higher for better quality & service. It got to be justifiable and fit into my budget.

So i got referred by forumer to this contractor cum ID. He is in the field for about 16 years and hence have a lot of experience. He runs his own small renovation contractor company.

I actually have an idea of how i would like our house to be so we told him of my idea and most of the time he accommodate to my ideas but when my idea wasn't practical he will pointed out. I think i'm benefited a lot from this "extra service" as i do not think younger IDs with less experience can match. 

Moreover, he offered me a good price and i must say the workmanship and quality of materials are of good standards. I'm very happy with the outcome of the reno.

Right from the start, i found him to be very sincere and straightforward. If he thinks that certain things shouldn't be this way he will let me know and advise me on the alternatives. He gave me many options and opinions which made me felt comfortable. Also, his service was very good as he is always contactable and will reply. I can tell that he is very passionate about his job as he always tells me how a home should be done and feel. 

I decided to share my story here because many people or forumers will be in the same situation as me and i will like to share this good experience with everyone and at the same time hopefully he will benefit from my sharing by getting more customers. Cheers...and will try to upload my done up house photo to share.

Hi Amy, i know it seems like happen in last year. but im requesting end of 2018 >"<

would you mind to share yor id with me? 


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