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  1. $58 for a vacuum cleaner? Seems like a scam to be honest. It's pretty hard to find such a cheap model in my country and I don't really think that in Singapore you can find something for $58, unbelievable. Lucky for me, I've got my Shark Ionflex vacuum cleaner for a very low price and it was a really profitable investment for me. I've read a good review on https://petsmatters.net/shark-duoclean-lift-away-review/ about this model and was shocked to learn about some new options that I didn't use before. Honestly, it would be really great if this vacuum cleaner cost $58.
  2. Hi. Does anyone know if the PMP certification exam is out? I think that I am finally ready for the exam. I have been preparing for CCNA lab exam for months. It took that long because I want to make sure that I pass the exam. I think that a career in IT sector makes a lot of sense now because you can work online. I don't want to worry about a pandemic stopping me from working. I did a lot of training on SPOTO info, those guys are amazing. They know what will be on the exam, and they teach you that.
  3. The price varies from place to place, but I can tell you that it is completely worth doing it. I read about it on https://www.damagecontrol-911.com/services/mold-remediation/ and I decided to give their inspection service a shot. It really did not cost a lot and if they don't find anything it is still good news. They actually managed to find some mold in my basement, and they quickly got rid of it. It is worth doing it because you can never know if there is mold if you don't check it out. My advice is do it and don't risk it.