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Final - Kitchen (I) 


Time flies...can’t quite believe it but we’ve been living here for almost a month already. Most of our free time has been spent moving/unpacking/cleaning etc. And before I knew it, the house is already starting to look like we’ve lived here for years ie clutter is building up everywhere XD Managed to get the kitchen in a reasonably tidy state tho so, just gonna spam with lotsa pics!


It’s kinda scary how fast the countertop fills up with stuff...


Lots lots of storage for all sorts of baking trays and pans...love how convenient it is to retrieve and store things now.


Didnt give much thought to the corner cabinets initially, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how deeeep they are (and how much junk can fit in heheh)7B5668E3-F77B-4F67-BA68-32324ED67AE3.jpeg.3ab7a46b19f7687080312e3e73b7d258.jpeg0A2284D1-326C-42C1-AF57-8C9D4DE9323B.jpeg.b1e0674edcd912d86d04d7da6dc49a5d.jpeg


Pull-out condiment + utensil towers, again really love the convenience and not having to root around in a drawer full of odds and ends.


Mixture of different types of storage for pots and pans 


Walk-in pantry door looking deceptively small from the outside...6118D0F6-02D1-4989-A50F-9CD5F9F8E914.jpeg.40cab4e53a02338dd9145a0e6dfc5111.jpeg

...but yes you can really walk in!:D Still in the process of sorting out the mess while more jars get shipped over hehe.0ECBC42F-5FFE-4168-B5FB-F1088F6EF60D.jpeg.3d30acb01577a7f26645410b8ad63c03.jpeg

And of course, possibly my favourite part of the kitchen (it’s a toss up between this and the hood haha) - the island (: Customised with storage for utensils...C976C917-D44F-4E0E-93C4-737A54EB1864.jpeg.fb8d581ed0dea1c48578f2a8767f6780.jpeg

plates bowls etc...247D3168-7F2E-44F6-A3C6-8B1FA4EFF5BF.jpeg.0c7793c50f212512f5d41a3103323db7.jpeg

and most often-used appliances (complete with powerpoints in the side so they can be used right there on the island)!4F2E7AAC-08BA-48FA-A6FF-9B2A99C5B31E.jpeg.4bbe3a081c47d092650ce32584f2453a.jpegEE1C5DFE-D111-48BA-B4B9-8DBBA5FC09D0.jpeg.eed3c72b9225c61adf22d597e519bfa0.jpeg40013FAA-D0B1-410F-88D9-11CD28815075.jpeg.d581ece0eb841b39cb376262c0d95ddc.jpeg4225A04B-96F1-4342-B612-09B8A1F7B731.jpeg.ecb4305fae9b9b3ba1bf03b481233838.jpeg

View from the outside, with our custom whitewashed pine barn doors (:8BB78960-CA01-4235-97F2-E88D20005803.jpeg.74cfda00988ef6dc8c51646611929e47.jpeg


Bonus pic :D one of my first few bakes in the new oven for the new hubs bday.

Shall continue with the “wet” kitchen and the rest of the house hopefully soon! 

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On 13/02/2018 at 9:24 AM, cweihang said:

Hi, can find out the v groove beading design is made using what type of laminate? Able to share? TIA

Hi! The beading is not laminate, its wood veneer (ash) on solid ply. The v grooves are machined using a router. 


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1 hour ago, purplegirafffe said:

Hi! The beading is not laminate, its wood veneer (ash) on solid ply. The v grooves are machined using a router. 

I would have opted for veneer too if maintenance was not an issue (at least for me). 

The texture and feel is so much better than laminates.

But I know the carpenters do perform grooving on laminates.


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Hi, your house looks very nice!! Love the kitchen with big countertop. We've just got our EM as well. Do you mind sharing the contact of contractor and how much does it cost for all the carpentery work? 


Thank you :)


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@Ando Tadao yep it's true that laminate is easier to maintain, but for us I guess the look and feel trumped all!

@Anthony Ong so sorry, have not gotten around to photographing the rest of the house. we're also still waiting to install the last bits of hardware in the mudroom, but will post pics once that's done.

@Irene Ling thank you! PMed (:

@yienlim thanks! PMed as well.


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Final - Mudroom


Last bits of hardware (coat hooks and drawer pulls) have been installed, so I finally have proper pics of the mudroom to share(:


So when our carpenter F first raised the idea of having a mudroom, I was somewhat sceptical cos - it’s not as if we have muddy boots to dust off or winter coats to hang up here in sunny Singapore. I did like the idea and the look though, so when the hubs came up with the brilliant idea of building shoe storage right into the mudroom, I was completely sold. 



Yep and the coat hooks double up as cabinet door handles~ 


From the outset, we wanted to demarcate the mudroom as a separate area kinda like an entrance foyer, hence the grey, slightly more outdoorish tiles. 

Spent literally months searching for the perfect baskets as well, and I’m pretty glad with what the internet managed to give us:D They're perfect for keeping stuff like shoe bags, sports equipment etc. Ooh and the little trapdoor in the bottom houses the ironing board - every inch of space is precious and must be put to good use!

CC’s workmanship in the cornices and baseboard are really just, wow. 

One last view~ Ooh and the mirror/mini landing area right next to the front door was a last minute find off carousell, so pleased with how well it goes with everything and how perfectly it fits in the space. In fact it really turned out to be a happy surprise how the colours all seem to match just so - the rafter, ceiling fan, banister, landing area - it's really almost as if they were all cut from the same tree.


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