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Hi, sorry that you have to experience this

Please PM me the details too.

Personally have engaged a few IDs over the years and have my fair share  of pain from those irresponsible ID firms


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Hi Wilson73,

We are also reviewing plenty of ID house and going thru many website of ID firm from FB or website forum. 

The reason why sign with this ID firm is because of their advertisement in fb and the project their ID handle quite match with what we required. 

Therefore, we decided to have a try and since they are so well known like what you said.

And while the first meeting with the ID,  he really show that he can give try his best effort to fulfill our requirement. The first impression is great, until we sign and start our first phrase of renovation, then we realize he is not that proactive and given us empty promises. 

Everytime he will talk about cost first before discuss with you, and try to convince us to avoid the unnecessary request from us.

I will suggest you all to bring a note and record down watever ID told you before sign the contract. or else they will not doing what they are saying during the first few meeting.

This is what we told our ID, and he give us that embarrassing face......



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thank you for the pm. Quite surprised as the company is well known. Even though contract are itemized if the ID is bad and want to charge some hidden cost, there are so many ways to do it. Bad reno takes away the joy of getting new house. 

Mind sharing how he persuaded you to sign with him?


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Hi,(this is 2nd mail  we sent to his management)

There is many unhappy and argument in this 4 month. We are really felt stressful and unhappy during the renovation time. Thinking why as an owner we have to settle many thing ourself, and so unlucky to choose a ID that not proactive at all.
The reason why we choose ID to handle our renovation projects is because both of us is working and have no time for monitoring and handle all the tiny issue. But ended up we are more busy and stressful for choosing your ID. 

The above feedback logged to you is because I worry the next owner will be facing the same issue as mine, and hope you guys can have improvement and at least improve the quality of works. 

The last thing that we wondering is why your ID is not really expert in Design?As many of idea and design is we provided instead of given us suggestion. There is a 3D drawing is directly copy and paste from the photo we sent for him. This is really ridiculous and unacceptable as a designer. 

Because of his careless and irresponsible working attitude, we had wasted plenty of time and effort for our home renovation. We even apply unpaid leave just to go onsite see the carpentry work to ensure the work is carry out properly with our expectation. Although we are onsite, but still can spot many of mistake and we have to contact him to communicate with the onsite worker. He is like our reporting officer, and we just like his worker to report the work progress to him. This is really unfair for us as an owner as well.

It’s not about the money or effort for touch up he trying to offer us at the end of the day. It’s all about the quality and services he supposed to give us quality work during the project timeframe. Not only paying attention or wasting time to touch up the remaining work.

It’s about his attitude and discipline to being a good ID. His roles in our house renovation can only quote as “coordinator”, or “sales man”, not even playing as a project manager roles. Plenty of time he is given us sales man talk and convince us for doing something that can convenience him. There is a time he told us something that we really unacceptable during the third phrase meeting in his office. My wife trying to express her depression to him, telling him that we felt disappointed for his work attitude. And he replied back: I AM MORE DISSAPOINTED TO BOTH OF YOU”. Do you think this is acceptable or reasonable to replying back to your client with this attitude?

And he even convince us to cancel the living cabinet carpentry work as the quotation prices he quoted us at first is $240 per inch for the cabinet and he told us the material cost is increased to $280. So he asked us to cancel if possible as he is losing money………………….

I really feel disgrace and sorry for you to have him as your ID. And I believe the Interior Design industrial in Singapore is very small and nowadays the social media is so powerful to spread the word to all public. I hope he won’t ruin your company reputation.


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