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  1. Anyone manage to get the electrician contacts that Zio used? >>>>>>>>>>>>>Hi guys, My renovation is 98% done. I am fully satisfied with my electrician. He is a flexible guy (in terms of price) and also in attitude. A very easy to talked to guy. I bought ALL my lightings from TaoBao and some came in batches, my ceiling fans were from Tampoi in JB. He is OK to install bit by bit for me, example my first batch of lights came first, he sent his worker nearby to install just that batch for me, and he told me when next batch of lighting come, he send his worker come to install again. This is how flexible he is. He doesn't even collect a single cent from me until my job is FULLY done. (You go around see which electrician will do that. Haha) For those of you who want his contact, please PM me with your Name and Contact Number. I will link you both up. Just for reference his pricing (per point): These prices are just for reference, trust me, can go lower New Lighting point: $32 Single Point: $45 Double Point: $55 Install Lights: $10 Install ceiling fan: $50 Disclaimer first: I understand that many people in RenoTalk is afraid of self-promoting scams. Due to the fact that there are too many self-promoting contractors, etc, I must say I am not a clone account nor this recommended electrician's self promoting. I am just a satisfied customer and I think I should share around the good work and helping anyone who is looking for a trust worthy electrician. Just see my past posts and joined date can verify my profile already
  2. Their main branch is at serangoon north and warehouse is like garbage dumping ground with low quality china made furniture. I seen their beds ,chairs and etc stack over, totally nightmare i just turn around and left without a second look. A family run business and the boss was an ex convict. Their staff turn over rate is very high as they like to fire their staff for no valid reason occasionally.
  3. my friend used them becos cheap but he told me cmi ... lolx therefore i didn't bother to shortlist them while i'm doing mine
  4. Can you share your contractor? Btw, did you came up with the concept or contractor gave some ideas as well? Thanks
  5. Hi Pengxin, Your reno is nicely done. Could you share the ID and designer contacts? How much did you spend? Thanks and hv a pleasant day!
  6. Hi cybergreen, thanks I just received your msg. Would it be better to post the name of ID and the designer in this forum? I think it's best that people are warn and the company should take appropriate actions. It's totally unacceptable behavior in my point of view.