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yes! Was about to ask the same thing.. can i ask what is included in the reno? Cos im thinking of refurbishing my current flat. I don't need to do up my kitchen cos i did mine already. 


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Hi Sorry for the job scope that i forgot to upload .

Please see below listed: 


Job Scope:

1) Site protection, haulage and disposal of debris

2) House keeping and chemical cleaning before handover


3) To remove protruding wall panel behind T.V console feature wall for disposal

4)To hack off all tiles skirting for disposal

5) To remove all wall paper for disposal


6) To remove all top wall mount cabinate door for disposal.

Master Bedroom

7) To remove wall paper for disposal. (keep window area wall paper.

8) To remove wardrobe sliding door and drawer face panel. for disposal.

Master Bathroom

9) To remove toilet bowl, basin and basin tap for disposal.

10) To hack shower area pebble flooring for disposal

11) Supply and install new toilet bowl 

WET WORKS Supply build material, equipment and labour to

12) Overlay common bath floor and install designer floor trap. (tiles budget $3.50 per sqft)

13) Overlay master bath floor and install designer floor trap. (tiles budget $3.50 per sqft)


15) To make good wall affected by hacking and demolish work.

CARPENTRY WORKS Including Soft closing hinges and soft closing drawer runner, ABS finishing on door.

16) Supply and re-laminated T.V console feature wall on front and back.

17) Supply and re-laminated top wall mount body exterior and supply new laminated door.

18) Supply new laminated door for wardrobe and drawer face panel. Lump sum.


20) Labour to install master bath basin and tap.( Sanitary item and fixture not included.)


21) Supply and install quartz top on Tv console

22)  Supply and lay vinyl floor tiles over existing flooring **** and dinning. 380 sqft

23)  To cut existing entrance to kitchen door to allow new vinyl flooring to clear. 01 nos.

24)  Supply new ceiling fan point c/w control switch and install ceiling fan. 01 set.(Fan by owner)

25) To alter existing lighting switch control for cove lighting, T.V console light to single 01 set

26) Labour to install lighting. 06 nos. 


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