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Question regarding Contractors and Custom Doors

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Hi all! This question is two-part, directed to those engaging in contractor only for their reno but all are welcome to chime in.
The proposed works to be done on our BTO is quite straighforward hacking of walls, tiling, electrical and plumbing (no feature wall or built-in cabinetry) so we are looking for a contractor rather than an ID.
However we are planning to have custom made doors installed (timber bi-fold french doors and dutch doors). 
The contractor guy we spoke to implied that he can figure out how to create any kind of doors but we are a bit unsure about this :dunno:and would like to seek the opinions of this forum's more experienced people. 
For those of you who have had your reno done with contractors only and have glass/timber doors done, do you have them (the main contract) do the doors for you or do you liaise separately with another company specifically for the doors?

Second part our question is... does anyone have any door people to recommend? 

Thank you so much for your input and please pardon this double newbie question. I am both reno newbie and forum newbie :blink::D


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Hi daninabae,

Engaging a contractor is just like engaging an ID without the design work. Their role is to manage the different professionals like carpenters, stone workers and etc for you. If you have the time and effort to manage the different PIC, I would suggest you to engage to the respective professionals personally. The reputed ones will have their own website and factory. For e.g. iQuartz is only carried by a few company in Singapore.


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Thanks for the input FatRabbit! We were thinking that we should go find a door craftsman ourselves, but was willing to hear the contractor (who specialise in wetworks and carpentry like kitchen and other built-ins) out. The thing is, we are not sure if custom door-making falls under general carpentry (which the contract does) or a specialised skill. But then again, maybe we should go ahead and find the doormakers (is this what they are called?) ourselves to get a rough idea of costs and timeframe.

If anyone got a recommendation for this (for french doors, etc) we would love to hear it. Thank you!:bow:


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