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Quotation Check for my New home.

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Hi HomeOwners.
Recently I have gotten my house and I wanna to do a renovation for my house.
I encountered this ID whom my friend introduce.

My house theme is Modern and Scandinavia.

He is quite young and easy going guy who have lots of ideas to convince me. He knows the trend for my new home & I'm pretty convinced by his design.

Kindly help me check if the quotation he gave me reasonable?. Thank you so much.







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Hi spidey, too little info given eg resale hdb, new bto or resale condo. So i'll jus assume on certain things. I guess kitchen cabinet u r not doing top....so bottom only 10ftr comes up to $3k. Which is $300 pfr. To me this is v exp. Most IDs charge close to $300pfr for wardrobe( height abt 7ft)and less than 150 for kitchen cabinet. For hdb with package it can be as cheap as 90pfr for kitchen cabinet. Cant comment much on the wet works bcos area not known. Install of accessories $50 ea?:o Seems rather......no comments:P But 15% payment upon signing seems on the high side. Most collect 10% payment upon signing. What has the id firm to loose?  B4 work even commence $ aldy in their pocket.

My advise is to meet up with a few more IDs to get a few more quotes. If ID is calculative now with minor thgs like toilet accessories, gd luck to u when reno starts. 


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