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Air Con Trunking Leakage problem

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Do any of you has face problem of aircon leakage around their aircon trunking area? Its 'perspiring' causing leakage most of the time from the trunking end and leak down my walls. 

This trunking run across my master bedroom door towards the master bedroom toilet.

Called our installer and they came down thrice together with Mitsubishi technician and gave me the conclusion that my unit is more humid than the rest causing this to happen. 

Feeling very frustrated that they are not doing anything to solve the problem and the leakage just doesnt stop. 

Some advise pls..





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I have a similar problem in one of the room. Mine was because too much is packed into a tracking that was too small, so the insulation was compressed too much, the wet air reach the cold pipe easily and condense. Almost like your 3rd picture. 

Done by the previous owner.

End up I remove the trucking cover, re-insulate the sections that was badly compressed, wrap the new foam insulation with insulation tape. And left them expose. Yes, it is an eye soar but no more condensation.

Planning to change to large trucking when I have to replace the AC again (maybe in the next 5 years).

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I have a leaking problem 2 when I replaced my old units. They did not change any of the pipes and it leaks again. I forgot the company  name but they have quite a few branch. 


I will update if I remember.


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