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  1. There’s many choices too.. these days so easy with starting businesses online, just need to learn new skill sets like digital marketing well.. That said, you can always go back to the classic sales/entrepreneurship type of careers like insurance sales, or Property Agent career. If you’re self-disciplined that is..
  2. Hi, can you pm me more info on this project! are u the project ic?
  3. You can liaise with an architect and theres a way where the attic wont be counted as a level. Seen my friends house before and his attic is a nice movie theater and its not considered a floor/storey.
  4. The upgrade seems so really great! Will definitely take a look at this contractor
  5. Thanks for this post! Great sharing.
  6. Hi could you pm me your contractor details :)! Thanks
  7. Wow amazing design and work, can you pm the contact!
  8. Try and make what ever time left you have with your kid meaningful and impactful, its the quality of time you spend with them that counts. Make sure they are giving you the attention and admiration for what ever youre trying to do , to make them happy.
  9. Try busying yourself as much and eat simple but adequate meals! definitely will lose weight.
  10. definitely rugby or canoe polo or mma, crazy physical contact but the thrills are worth it
  11. Hi can you pm me what happened? Just wanna make sure i dont fall for this too.