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Bad experience with this mover. Accepted their first quotation without bargain yet received substandard service.

First issue was that they asked for more money despite that their first quote was accepted without bargain after onsite assessment. I gave each of the 10 workers a $20 ang bao each. 

Secondly, when i requested them to dispose a thin layer of mattress top, they simply discard it along stairwell causing fire hazard and endangers small kids who might climb on it folded and reach above railing.

Thirdly, 2 of his workers fell my teak wood designer bookshelf while sliding it towards their lorry. The coordinator apologised for their fault and said they will leave it in their truck to send back for repair. I reluctantly agreed and paid up moving fee without expecting that they will play "punk". Despite my repeated chasers over numerous phoneccalls and messages, the cupboard was delivered to me after more than a month. The cupboard was painted in more than 4 different shades of brown and laquered over haphazardly with rough surface and edges all over; suffocating and stink of cheap laquer smell. In interest of our small children's wellbeing, I asked them to bring it back and requested to claim insurance instead. I tried to reach them thereafter but to no avail as they have been rejecting my phonecalls and ignoring my messages. It has been more than 3 months now and no news from them yet. 

Engage them at your own risk. If unfortunately you have already did, hold back payment till all problem resolved.


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