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I recently met a general contractor online and decide to engage them as their office is very near my house. After their initial quote, I decide to scale down the scope of works as I can't find much independent reviews online and I have a pretty tight budget to work with. My current requirements as follows:

  • HDB New Type BTO 4-room
  • Need to have water heater storage tank in service yard with pipes connecting to Kitchen and common toilet pipes.
  • Need to install Kitchen sink (600mm++), Kitchen Hob, Kitchen Hood (chimney type), Oven, Dishwasher (free standing type).
  • Lower cabinets only. No upper cabinets.
  • No additional walls,tiles, etc as I don't see a need for very good aesthetics. Just need a functional kitchen. 
  • Windows (privacy if possible) and grilles at service yard as the orientation of my service yard expose my kitchen to people walking pass.

After signing, the contractor told me that might be additional cost which wasn't factor in:

  1. Extension of sink support to include dishwasher to prevent leaks - $300
  2. Inlet & Drainage works for dishwasher - $120
  3. Kitchen Hood installation - $80
  4. Additional 15amp socket for oven/hob  to be quoted by their in-house electrician - ???
  5. Soft-hinges only for casement door (EXCEL), drawers are normal type. No BLUM.


Also, there are no clauses for workmanship warranty, schedule, etc.. although the contractor did assure me 1 year workmanship warranty and provide the schedule separately. It's just quotation which I signed + pay deposit. While I wouldn't cancel as there will be penalty of 30%, if the pricing is not good, then I will probably need to get them to finish the task stated in the quotation and get another contractor to settle the rest if they are over-pricing their services. Would like to hear from the rest given that I'm not in this industry.

External Image Link here: https://imgur.com/NBa5Bkg


If you feel the quotation is cheap/fairly priced and want to get the contact of the contractor, I more than happy to share with you.


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