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Avoid Robin Tan from Trinity Interior Design unless you want to have nightmares

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Don't trust this contractor! When we first met him, he seemed genuine, helpful and sincere. The wall between our master bedroom and one of our common rooms were hacked previously in our resale flat to make a huge room. Because we were expecting our child, we decided to put it back and open up the original doorway. We only needed to build a wall, hack another wall to open a door. He assured us that he would personally check daily to ensure that the job was done properly. But we realised he cut corners, and damaged many of our existing structures including the parquet floor (he promised at the beginning that it wouldn't happen). There were several indentations in our wooden floor, and less than 2 weeks after we build the new wall, we could see visible cracks. When we told him about it, he shirked all responsibilities, came up with a million excuses and told us that such damage was very common. He refused to address our problems and deliver on his promise, and became very rude. At many points during our conversations, he even managed to blame the damage on us even though we brought it up right after the project was done. Granted, we were foolish to pay up in full even before all the rectifications had been done. We are very disappointed, and would like to warn others not to entrust their beloved homes to this hooligan. I still have nightmares about this guy and the work provided.


Full disclosure: This is a simple renovation job after we've lived in the house for five years. We weren't expecting pristine conditions but that Robin would at least deliver on his promises to not damage our floor.  

Cracks appeared exactly along the hollow block wall.jpeg

Exactly along the recreated wall.jpeg

More pics of cracks.jpeg

Scary looking cracks.jpeg

And whatever stain this is.JPG

Cracks on the parquet.JPG

Left paint splatter all over.JPG

The floor under the board is hollow.JPG

Close up of the door blocked by the aircon duct.JPG

Would you trust a contractor who can't even build a door that could rest on the wall.JPG


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Hi Peter,

The cracks look pretty serious!

Now that you paid up in full, its pretty hard to get them back for rectifications if they are not willing to do so. The ball is really in their court now.

So you are going to leave it like that?


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