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From high-end villas, apartment buildings, townhouses or level 4 homes, there are separate bathroom design designs. The criteria Beautiful - Compact - Convenient to a lot of families interested in the design of the toilet. bathroom. The bathroom layout is reasonable, convenient and aesthetics is not easy. Depending on the space, there are different types of bathrooms that meet your needs.

Below, we would like to send you some beautiful shower models. Hope to bring you the idea of choosing bathroom furniture that suits you.

Consultation for installation of comfortable bathroom at home

Compared to other functional spaces in the home, the bathroom / toilet has a high frequency of use. The design of the bathroom interior requires the ability to ensure functionality and convenience, convenience. The bathroom decoration is reasonable or not also greatly affect the quality of your life and the whole family.

Some basic principles in bathroom design that you need to know

There is no specific requirement or standard for bath form. It is important to be comfortable with a space that fits in with the overall home and represents the personality of the owner. However, if the space for the bathroom is less than 7.6 square meters, it will be difficult to fully equip the utility.

The minimum floor area is 7.6 m2 so that it can be fully furnished

Choose the right color scheme

The right bathroom color enhances the aesthetics. Also, using your favorite color will make you relax, enjoy more.

The most popular color for bathroom furniture is white porcelain, combined with shiny metallic materials create a modern and luxurious look for space. White and soft monochromatic colors give a pleasant feeling.

The light color will make the mind and spirit relaxed.

Use high-grade flooring material

When choosing flooring materials, floor tiles to ensure the safety of users, especially children and the elderly, should choose the type of bricks are lightweight, anti-slip and easy to clean.

Brick flooring is high, anti-slippery. (Bathroom model of Glass - Italy)

Ensure good technical system

Plumbing: Installed permanently in the wall or floor should be installed accurately, scientifically. Choose the standard pipe, quality assurance, special type when you go to wall to avoid leakage later. Piping should ensure slope in case of passing.

 Electrical equipment: must be absolutely safe. It is necessary to install and dispose electrical appliances in the bathroom carefully, avoiding leakage of electricity. When using a water heater, it must be grounded, aptomat to ensure safety.

Interior design bathroom ensures ventilation

The special characteristics of the bathroom is high humidity, so the design needs ventilation to overcome this situation. Large windows or ventilation systems are the best option, especially the large window design for the bathroom also provides natural light, limiting the development of mold mild moist conditions. .

Ventilation should be placed near the ceiling to ensure ventilation and light (Glass bathroom model - Italy)

Choice of sanitary equipment to meet your needs

Today, bathroom sanitary ware is not only toilet bowl, sink, shower, mirror, bathtub but also massage bathtub, sauna ... The choice of sanitary ware must be based. on the premises, the need to use, the preferences of the landlord and financial conditions.

Selection of furniture for the bathroom

Wall Shelves: Storage furniture space is a challenge in bathroom design. Wall cabinets will be an effective solution in this case. A wall mounted cabinet with a mirror mounted on the wing will give the impression of greater space.
Mirror: Mirror is always a great choice to widen the space. A large mirror will deceive the viewer to help open the space and provide light to create airy room for the whole.

Large glass panels on the sink will double the area of the room.

Toilet, hand basin

Toilet and wash basin can be used as a highlight for the entire bathroom. The diversity of these two devices makes it easy for users to choose the right one






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