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[Scam Alert/Seeking Advise] RENOHUB (53363614X)

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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and have been troubled by some issues recently and would hope this is the right platform to seek for advise and provide everyone here with some insights.

My father is a renovation contractor that does mostly aluminium installations as well as general home product fixtures. He was contacted by the aforementioned company in the title and installed a window for them under their directions. However, upon completion of said job, the ID decided to 'play' with my father by asking him to drive all around the region to look for her as well as wait for up to an hour for her to be 'free' to pass him a cheque. 

After a week or so, he managed to get ahold of her and she passed him a cheque with the amount written incorrectly. So on second attempt, my dad drove down to get her and he did receive a proper cheque, however, UOB contacted my dad and told him that the sender's account has been closed.

A police report has since been made but we all know that that will lead to no positive outcome considering that the police are not debt collectors.


Does anyone have any advise pertaining this situation?


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Hi Fiona, obviously she has no money to pay, this is what you can do, ask your father to create an invoice include all transport fee for running up and down, get all document ready, log in to small claim (SCT) to file your claim, and wait for her to contact you. 

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