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Good TV cabinet design for the living room?

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We all get excited when it’s time to buy a new TV plus a nice TV cabinet design to go with it, but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and rush off to buy one only to regret it.

But “Luck is the residue of design”, and we all hope to get the best experience out of our home entertainment setup and not have it ruined by poor choices that could easily have been avoided.

Plus, the TV is often the centrepiece of your living room, so what's your excuse?!

How to choose the right TV Cabinet Design for any Living Room

     (1) Make sure the TV sits at eye level

When selecting for height, you should be aiming to find a TV cabinet that level the TV as close to eye level as possible.

Naturally, finding that exact sweet spot isn’t necessary, and a little higher is ok as you can just lean back into your chair and get comfy. However, having it lower is a no-no as you’d have to crane your neck downward and thus putting strain on your neck. Say no to cervicalgia!



The TV is often the centrepiece of your living room, and a good TV cabinet design should raise a TV to about eye level for maximum viewing comfort. Design and image courtesy of Trinity Design Studio, an interior designer in Johor Bahru.


Need help building the perfect TV cabinet for you living room? Find a good Interior Designer in Johor Bahru to help you!




     (2) Make sure sturdy enough

Is it sturdy enough to take the weight of your TV without caving in? Is the glass thick enough? Is it made from hardwood? If it is compressed wood pulp is it strong enough not to warp and deform after prolonged use?

Speaking of TVs, here’s our little guide on how to help you choose the right TV.


     (3) Make sure it’s wide enough

Are you thinking of compromising the stability of your TV set on a cabinet that’s a size smaller than optimal to save a few ringgit or for something as arbitrary as style?

Well, we strongly recommend against as there’s a possibility that of your expensive TV tipping over and smashing itself to smithereens. Young children, too, may also be at risk if they’re caught by its fall.   


     A wall-mounted TV console is a great way to save space. This one also has built-in compartments to put away cables safely and neatly which not only makes everything look neater but also safer. Design and image courtesy of Trinity Design Studio, an interior designer in Johor Bahru.


     (4) Use space saving techniques to get the most from your TV

With many of having to make do with small living rooms, finding a versatile TV cabinet that can adapt to the, ahem, dynamic nature of small spaces is a good idea.

A good workaround to small spaces is to add wheels. Need to readjust your TV for a better view? Wheels let you swing your TV into place! (better if it's made from lightweight aluminium). Also, don’t forget that a little storage space can also go a long way (see point 6). When it starts to get crowded, it’s time to stack up!

Keep in mind though that a TV cabinet that moves around more easily also means it is less stable, and it can become a safety hazard if it wobbles and heavy objects fall off.

Alternatively, a wall mounted TV console will reduce obstruction and make it easier (or simply possible in the case where it’s impossible) to move objects around.


     (5) Different materials, different advantages and disadvantages

TV consoles are made from a wide range of materials and composites ranging from wood, metal, compressed pulp, glass, plastic and fiberboard.

Each type of material has its pros and cons; stainless metal and hardwood are both tough, long-lasting choices while glass-metal composites are also long-lasting but can be fragile and need to be protected from hard knocks that could crack and chip them.

For anyone on a budget, compressed pulp and fiberboard decent picks, and are surprisingly durable for how much they cost. Just be sure to avoid putting too heavy a load on them to avoid bending it out of shape.


     Another wall-mounted TV cabinet design. Interior design by Young Page Interior Works, interior designer Johor Bahru.


     (6) Additional storage space is a good option.

They may be a little bigger, but TV console designs with more storage space are always nifty additions - especially if you’re running low of space in a small living room. They can be used to store compact disc collections, remote controls and books, as well as act as a centre for all your other high-tech entertainment gadgets (gaming consoles, DVD players, etc.)     

Large TV cabinets with shelves that stack up high lets you make use of vertical space that would otherwise be wasted.

Building a custom TV cabinet for additional storage space usually isn’t a gargantuan task, so hiring a reliable renovation contractor should suffice for the job.

Many also have cleverly built-in ports that are not only useful for organizing and hiding ugly cables from sight, but also prevent bad wiring from sparking off electrical fires. Safety first!


Find a Reliable Contractor in Johor Bahru to help you build the perfect TV cabinet for the living room!











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