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constructing a new toilet

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i need a plumber to help here.  This toilet is to be constructed in a commercial kitchen, very near to an existing I.C.   This IC is actually meant  for the kitchen area where cooking is done.  There is a screen chamber and next to it , a greeze trap which leads to this IC.  Near to this IC,  i notice a sewage pipe from the 2nd floor.  I tested flushing the  WC toilet at the second floor,  and notice the water will flow down through the sewage pipe and enters the IC.   My question is : can an IC which is actually meant for the kitchen food area be also use to receive the water flushed from a sewage pipe ?  Is this okay with PUB ? 

 In constructing a new toilet in the kitchen area,  i notice  i have two choices.  CHOICE A - i can connect the toilet bowl pipe to the existing sewage pipe which leads to the IC.  or CHOICE B  - i can actually connect the toilet bowl  directly to the IC itself.  Is this the  preferred  way ?  

I am not a plumber.  I need to use the help of a plumber.  My number is 94501438. call david.  (i also need some help to dig flow traps for water outlets) 



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