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600k Terrace Worth Buying?

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i see where you are coming from but demand has to be looked at together with the supply situation. yes there will be toyota buyers, but how many toyota sellers do we have competing for their business? i am not convinced that just because it is toyota, the demand always outstrips supply. the demand for a 600k terrace will obviously be less than say a typical 3-rm condo in the suburbs. but for all we know, once the supply situation is taken into consideration, it may be worth considering. we don't know how far people will go to fulfill their dream of living in a landed property.

I think for property, like it or not, the age-old mantra, "location location location" rings very true ... but prices have shot thru the roof in most instances ... unless one has endless $-pit ...

With the enbloc craze, who knows, the next big thing cld be enbloc(ing) the smaller older terrace houses ?

For long-term housing, i think our concerns will be a little more open .. (eg) nearer to parents, amenities, etc.

But sometimes in the buying and selling, the agent plays a part .. if u get a good one, i think the chances of it being sold and at a reasonable price is higher. Get a $^## one ... then good luck .. :o


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