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Add/ Moving Electrical Light Point (No False Ceiling)

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Would it be possible to add/ move an electrical light source/ point from the center of a living room to multiple spots in the living room? Currently, there is only 1 electrical light source/ point situated in the center of the living room. I would prefer not to install false ceiling.

 I am aware that you can use "Track Lights"/ "Trunking" to pull or split the wires accordingly to add multiple light points across the living room, but I find that a little "messy". Any ideas? Is there any other way to add electric light points without Trunking?  The last resort would be to install a false ceiling? Thank you 😊


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unless you hack the ceiling to create channels to hide the wire within these channels and then plaster the ceiling back. however, check with your mcst on whether hacking of ceiling to conceal wiring is allowed or not. else just go by SAF rule number 7.

One thing to note is that you should find out what is the breaker that is being used for this lighting point and whether the breaker is also servicing other points or not. you need to know this so that you don't end up overloading the breaker which will end up causing power trips.


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