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Buying a landed house 101

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Saw an old landed house (about 1990 built I think) recently. Was keen but pricing seems expensive but if I can manage with A&A instead of tearing down, may still be possible to buy. The owner does not have floorplans (too long ago...) but said I can bring an architect to view. I have the following questions:

1. Can I hire an architect just to view with me and tell me what alterations are possible? How much would it cost?

2. Can the architect tell by viewing on-site, without the floor plan?

3. The living room and small side garden of the house is elevated (maybe 1 m above road level), and the driveway is a ramp. Would it be possible to level the ramp to road level and have steps that lead to the door of the living room?

4. The second floor of the house is not level in that the front part (which is currently a huge bedroom) seems to be lower (like a mezzanine floor) than the back. Is it possible to bring it higher to level it as part of A&A?

5. I find all the windows a bit small and dated so it looks dark inside the house. In an A&A, can I enlarge the windows?

6. The half floor right at the top houses just 1 bed room. Can I demolish the whole half floor and the roof and rebuild that part to maximise the half floor … would that still be A&A?

Appreciate any guidance.



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all questions you asked can be answered by an architect. how much it will cost for site visit I don't know. you will have to do some cold calls to architect firms to find out.

floor plan is needed if you need to do the works. it can be bought from BCA. my house plans were from 1958 and are old hand drawn plans which BCA scan into pdf format. just pay $ can buy. but only owner or owner's authorised person can buy from BCA.

if you already have a ramp, why don't keep it. it would be better than having to walk up steps especially if you are planning to stay in there till you get old.

I think what you have is a single storey house with an attic instead of a 2 storey house. if the existing house is declared as a single storey with attic, then you will need to do a reconstruction to add a full level. but I may be wrong on this so get an architect to advise you on this.

if you want, share the location of the house and can see more from google street view of the house.

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