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Help! How to merge old 3I bthrm with pipe in middle

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(crossposted) I'm thinking of buying an old 3I resale where the HIP was completed last year  but dunno how to combine the bathrooms. Haven't hired contractor since haven't offered.

The layout is pretty idiotic where the big pipe is between the wc and the shower (in pink). There is less than one foot btw the end of the pipe and the wall so I don't think I can cut an opening to combine the two. Think It's like that cos top flr.

1. Has anyone found a workaround? I considered moving bathroom wall out to create a connecting space but given location of window this means bathroom will be weird shaped / protrude into kitchen

2. HIP completed last year. Is it true that bathroom tiles cannot be hacked 3 years after HIP? Or is that only for BTO?

Any info appreciated! I tried looking online but can't find one with this problem. Don't dare to make offer until I find out... 

Btw I'm perfectly fine with hving one big bathroom cos staying alone 




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since HIP was just completed, you better check with HDB on whether the toilet can be renovated or not. There might be a clause where owner cannot renovate the toilet for x number of years like new flats due to warranty issues.

your photo is quite blur so can't see the pipe you mentioned. But the layout looks similar like my parents place so from what I remember, there is a water pipe running across the bathroom to provide water for the basin outside. then inside the toilet, there is another 50mm PVC pipe which is at about half a metre in height and that is the vent pipe for the floor trap inside the toilet.

unless HDB allows you to do a full hacking of the toilet (due to HIP), else you won't be able to do anything to shift the pipes now.


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