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Getting your dream home may be on your bucket list and is one of many life goals in this age.

However, your dream house may turn into a nightmare if something drastic happens during your renovation - despite your best efforts, something unpleasant and unexpected may arise even after your renovation ends.

Your doors are warped and they are unable to close properly.

Your walls are flaking and peeling in various places.

Your home’s electrical wiring is either loose or does not have a flow of electrical current running through.

Your plumbing is either clogged or leaking.

Your floor becomes flooded because the waterproofing and piping works were not done properly.

The above scenarios are just a few ways your renovation can go south, even after completion. And unfortunately, such problems are more common than one may want to believe.

Case Study - Is Your Renovation Story Like This?
Here is an example from real life that details such an experience. Is your renovation horror story similar to that of Mr M’s?

Here is what happened to Mr M: He engaged a renovation contractor to renovate his 5-room HDB apartment. The package he agreed on cost approximately $30,000 for works such as laying tiles, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and door works.

He was verbally assured by one of the contractor’s staff that the renovation will be completed in less than two months. They then agreed on a progressive payment structure as follows:

1. 10% upon confirmation of job
2. 50% upon the start of work
3. 30% upon completion of wet works
4. 5% upon arrival of carpentry
5. And the final 5% upon completion

However, this structure was not followed; due to constant requests for payment from his contractor’s side, Mr M ended up paying up to 90% of the total cost even though only the demolition works, laying of wall tiles at the kitchen and toilet, and painting were done.

Outstanding works included the laying of floor tiles and installation of the toilet doors, toilet bowls, and washbasins.

Despite this, Mr M decided to give them the benefit of the doubt in hopes the company will speed up the renovation after receiving payment. However, this was not the case as the renovation works have yet to be completed even after nine months.

Sounds familiar? Ever faced a similar situation?

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has some useful tips to help you navigate your renovation smoothly.

Check them out here: CASE - What To Do If Your Renovation Goes Wrong?


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