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  1. I would love to know more details! I love it when people are giving a huge amount of details regarding this domain. This piece of information is really important in order for others to know what to look for. If you don't have a general knowledge about renovations, many people will take advantage of that and you will end up without quality service. You can contact https://senwood.co.uk/london-extension/?lang=zh-hant in order to see how do they work and what are their prices. I can assure you that they know what they are doing. I've seen them in action
  2. I would speak with an engineer. They know better! Problems are infinite when it comes to ventilation. I have a friend who fixes ventilation systems for a living and he has told me that every day he encounters something new. His services are outstanding and that's why many people want him to fix their problems. He has made me understand that it's really important to work with professionals. Hopefully, I will never need his services, but in case something goes down, I am 100% sure who to call haha. I am so grateful for having friends like him
  3. It is obvious that sometimes importing is cheaper and better than buying local things, but you have to concentrate on the quality. So, do not make the decisions basing on internet discussions. You have to ask for some samples, or fly to China and find a good supplier. However, you can also read some reviews and then ask for costs. When you will know the costs for the material, add the logistics plus import fee. Then go through some local marketplaces like Fleet Up Marketplace and compare the costs.
  4. I am thinking what runescape will win this. Getting an award for the game it's pretty difficult if you're asking me. There are lots of amazing developers who are racing for a specific prize. For example, Diablo has won many prizes because of many things: gameplay, graphics, community, etc. I've been lots of it with some items bought from yes gamers and I must say that it's my favourite game. There are lots of good games out there, like Minecraft of Call of Duty
  5. Hi. Do you also clean gardens? I am interested in cleaning my garden and my grandparents garden. Unfortunately, I and my husband are working full time and do not have time for it. We would also be interested in house cleaning. We have two kids and we simply cannot keep up with the mess that they are making haha. We have also worked with https://www.totalclean.co.uk/services/deep-cleaning-services/ before and we were very satisfied with their results. Hopefully, you will have the same standards haha
  6. Did you find another place? I want to know more places because now I make reparation in my kitchen and I want to install the best devices. In my previous kitchen, all the devices were so old that I had to call appliances technician all the time. I found good technicians, their site is https://www.appliancetechnician.ca/. They repaired all the devices in my house and it worked till I left the house. I recommend them with big confidence, if you have a broken devices, they can repair it or can give a good advice with what to change it if it cannot be repaired.