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The ID I spoke to in Linewerkz seems quite amazing. He is able to sketch our ideas out in details on the spot and is quick to come up with ideas too. He was the top on my shortlisted list until I come across this post. After reading the negative comments on the worksmanship and quality (done by their sub-contractors, which means even if the ID is fantastic, lousy sub-cons are gonna spoil it all), I am now having second thoughts. Just wondering if anyone has good experience with this firm recently?

this is exactly what i got back last year. USed them for my HDB @ SengKang.

Their style is like that:

An ID will impress you hand sketches, comment about how different they are from other firm.

Gives you lots of inspiring ideas, very nice and patient.

After you sign with confidence, you realised that you have to pay them 100% even before work is completed.

Lots of problems half way through, very bad workmanship.

ID kept quiet and leave it for my hubby and i to spot the issues before he do anything. Even then it took hours of argument before

problems are rectified. The contractors all so stuck up and insist they are not wrong.

and also..... HOLES everyway, really just lots of holes from errors made and simply poor workmanship.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Till now, 1 year warranty is almost up, defects are not rectified, they promised to come back but never did.

Totally MIA now, so please heed my warning, dont be fooled by Linewerkz...

all the best to members renovating their place

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bad...the workmanship is champs...i really regret choosing them.

I should have checked properly here before i choose them.

my things are falling apart 1 by 1, barely a year and they went missing, nobody wanna come back to repair.

Avoid at all cost!!!


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Do agree with the bad workmanship after I visit my bff house & thousands of fake promises they made before signing the quotation. One of the designer, Sharon giving my bff all those promises and never fulfill it. They bad workmanship of the carpentry is more worse than ikea stuff. If you want any "good" workmanship you still have to top up few hundred-thousands depends on the item == What kind of servicing you're providing? Is like scam trade asking for more money if you want something good once you signed the quotation.

After visiting & self-experienced with this interior firm, I strongly advise you to think more than twice before giving them any penny!

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Guest Elizabeth Ng

Avoid this scam job at all cost. I started my Reno early 2012 and till today my Reno not recitified. They promised last yr to complete for me, gave excuse that CNY workers all go back home and will get back to me. 1 year passed, no news no call nothing. Tried calling them no use.

They gave my flat back to me all dusty. On day of shifting in, after I cleaned the dusty place, they came in to complete some unfinished work which they promised to complete. So while I shift in, they were making all the place dusty again and left without cleaning up.

The worst thing is, lots of defects not done. Came back to do some and promised to do others some other time. Didn't do until we keep chasing. They came back to do cos we held on to the last payment. After 1 yr they said to pay and they promised after paying they'll come back to complete the defects. The last time we saw them was the time they come to take payment. After that disappear into thin air.

In summary, lousy workmanship, impractical designs, lies and empty promises. Luckily I don't dare to recommend them to my friends if not really no face to my friends. Go to them only if you want to be lied at and cheated. Regret getting them.


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