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  1. XX what kind of ******* id is this ! I hate this kind of people. Please gather everyone of us and send a SMRT feedback!
  2. My final destination which me and my hub have concluded. We went to several places and search for our ID during the week due to our hectic schedule and we decided to take off . 1) I-bridge 2) Dots n Tots 3) Weiken 4) Outlook interior Designer Joe was our ID as we met up with her twice already since we already gotten the key. She looks really young from the first look and was quite surprise she is actually not 20+. :x One thing for sure that, when i step into their showroom, it is really welcoming compare to the other design firms. Very comfortable and that was the first step. We wanna see the next person who serve us will be that welcoming as well and yes, they nailed it at the second step. After the final discussion and everything go smoothly, the last thing was the quotation that was coming in fear to us. haha. Our budget was only $25k but the quote was $33k after all the discussion and it really hit our budget. I-Bridge- $38k Weiken- $53k (really wtf) Outlook interior- $29k+ The closest is actually Outlook interior that suit our budget but the click is really not there . The renovation is going to be a long journey for us and we really wanna get someone that is really got the 'mo qi'. If Joe able to discount for us another $1k or more, we will wanna proceed with her happily.
  3. Oh..... They are one of my shortlisted id firm as well. Went to Dots n Tots Interior and happen to pass by their office as they are just only beside them. Both are good. My ID is also the 'beng beng Tommy also' :""( Pricing wise I-Bridge are more to the higher side. Let's see soon..
  4. ya somewhere there beside white sand shopping ! I am been looking around now.. Have to conclude already because the key is with me liao
  5. It depends on us as a consumer to know what is our designer/contractor to be when we are communicating with them. We have to judge them when we meet up with them and to feel what kind of person they are. Just beware and judge properly . Just 2 cents of my thinking for consumer.
  6. Understand from the quotation my designer have give me is that chemical cleaning is usually for newly laying of the tiles. However I do not know if chemical cleaning is it applicable for the tiles for my new house ? Is a 4 room bto at pasir ris
  7. saw them in expo fair... very arrogant and look down on home owner who wears slipper and short ..... Not going to be in my list .....
  8. Still looking around and have already gotten the key for my sweet home! Having a very tight budget of renovation for my place. Seen many different id with different package but really afraid of their add on costs and etc. :*(((((((((