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    Hi Kindly give me a quotation for the followng: 3 rooms - 3 sliding window panels + 3 panel grilles 1 room - 4 sliding window panels + 4 panel grilles Balcony - 4 panel grilles Kitchen - 3 casement window + 3 panel grilles Toilet - 2 aluminium bi-fold doors with glass panels. Kindly also advise if you do repair work on the locks of window + grilles. If yes, costing please. Thanks and regards
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    Actually i really dont understand how some people think. Run away with a sum of small money and thinkg that they can get away with it? they are real short term mindset people who simply got no EQ and IQ. Already got the project and got the job le. Its already $ in the bag. Why need to run away? just do the job and earn it la!? haiz...