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    Hello, vivastar1 I'm also staying at Sims Place, getting my keys in a 2/3 months, still looking around for contractors. Hope to see more from you....
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    won't recommend buying from All Best, salesman at the shop said the removal of the existing air con fees can be waived and any site survey will warrant a $80 charge. Because I bought a re-sale flat, so definitely will need to remove the existing air con to plaster my wall and also another site survey to discuss where the trucking are for my false celling etc. They went ahead to charge me $80 for removal and another $80 for site survey with strictly NO ROOM for nego. Way too rigid to run a business this way. Salesman later backed out saying the removal charge cannot be waived. Just sharing my bed experience. Definitely my first and last time with ALL BEST.
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    I was at both AllBest and GC at IMM. I didn't want to walk into AB cos there were 4-5 salesppl sitting around looking very bored - all smacking mosquitoes. I was served by Andy (I guess it's the same one people raved about before). Unfortunately, I must have looked very poor that day cos he gave me a simply bo chap attitude, and when I asked about insulation and what they use, he told me Armaflex and looked at me as if I was stupid. Price quoted was $3120 for mitsubishi starmex inverter system 3 for 9k, 12k and 18k BTU blowers, 5 years. Sorry, want to buy also won't buy from you liow ... GC next door was slightly better, but still a bit stuck up but at least, didn't look at me as if I was stupid for asking questions about what insulation they use. And upfront told me $120 more if i use the 1/2 inch insulation, thicker than the normal one. Same config for $3119 so not much of a price difference here. Also including 5 years thingy due to their GC expo. I went to GC at Expo with the intent to buy - was served by mickey. Since I didn't need much explanation of the features etc, didn't really spend time on that. However, even though I already indicated I wanted to buy, he still took the time to explain and show me pictures of the insulation, copper pipes etc before preparing the sales order. Also calculated for me the BTU to make sure the living room can be served properly by the 18k BTU blower. He also explained the payment terms (10% upfront etc etc) during the sales order issuing, all the terms on the sales order, what's covered and not etc. Unfortunately, cannot really bargain ... oh well ... Fyi, their 5 years warranty thing is on til this Thurday 8 Nov.
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    allbest outlet at imm, i think salesman is andy. oso service voucher is useless one. installation of air trunking so ugly
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    allbest can last so long no close down shop? anyone bought from allbest, how is your trunking installed look like.