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    Hi everyone, very sorry for not updating our blog for several months -- once work started piling up, it's tough to keep up with many commitments. Our sincere apologies to those who sent us queries -- I guess it won't be very useful for us to reply now as the time lag is several months. However, we're back with a final update because of recent reno matter. We've had trouble sleeping well because of the noisy road next to our bedroom. We didn't change the windows when we renovated because the previous owner's sliding windows were still ok. But two weeks back, we decided to change the bedroom windows to double-glazed, panel windows, which keep out noise more effectively. It worked really well -- noise is down by around 60%. To get the windows changed, we went back to our ID, Daniel from Ideal House. Readers of our blog would recall we had a very good experience with him. He exceeded our expectations this time as well. Firstly, the quote was very reasonable. Secondly, he arranged for the wall around the window frame to be repainted for free, along with some other parts of our wall which needed repainting due to wall seepage (HDB/town council issue -- we've fixed that). Lastly, he remained very helpful in checking our place for other things that needed rectification. We really really appreciate his fantastic service. We've also gotten his permission to post his mobile number here in case you would like to consider him. Daniel's mobile number is 96616034. You can see our detailed review of Daniel here: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/63649-pastels-wood-cats-a-soothing-3-room-flat/?p=834433 Here's a pic of our new windows -- more 'messy' than our original, but much better sound-proofing.
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