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  1. WOW, it's been a while i visited renotalk... so much updates on defong...Prolin you have made the good choice...No worries on his carpentry work... to me it's the best part... and you are right on the commanlity of hic-ups on the reno...as long it is minor and rectifiable... no worries... surely Jeremy will go all the way on this....looking forward to your photos. Fiinally the good work of defong/jeremy is growing.... seems like he is hiring more to his team. Very happy for Jeremy and Defong.... As emphasized by me before, he is one of the best in my experience in the market.... best in prize, easy to deal with, responsible and delivers what he has promised... It's almost one year on in my new flat... so far no issues... kudos to defong. to those still undecided... do seriously consider him. If you choose him you will save $$$$$ and you will be more than satisfied with your reno. To me he is the best.
  2. I have also used Defong last year October for my Bedok flat. As it's a small set up, he is very busy at times, but other than that, he gets the work done nicely as other professionals and his quote is very resonable and one of the best in the market. His carpentry work is very good. In my dealing, i had no hidden cost, it was all as spoken and agreed....It's hard to trust any ID's, but still in the end we had to trust someone and engage. No Worries on Defong, after engaging him I would rate him one of the best ID in the small set up category. Ofcourse if big set up ID companies you can get a house very nicely done, but you pay almost double the amount. I will surely engage Defong again if i renovate my flat in the future. 6 months down, no problems with my reno. My family is very happy with our renovated home. Those still considering him, i would suggest these, just clear all your doubts by talking and listening. And if its satisfactory to you, just by trust engage him. Don't worry, things will unfold nicely in good time...You have the contract to fall upon, so no worries here. Also he is a HDB registered contrator, so defnietly you can trust him. Happy rennovations.
  3. In some extreme cases, i would say, it may be acceptable to turn off someone in this way. How can i speak of your expeince with Defong. Why he turned you down, only he knows? But i didn't have a similar experince with Defong, mine experince is a good one.
  4. No one has to agree with another. It's up to you to choose which ID you want and in some cases, the ID's to choose which client they want. You will agree with me, that not all clients are easy to handle. There are many ways to say NO also, one is to say at the face and other one is delay. I am not sure, why you had this kind of experience with Defong. Let me give you a tip, if you want your reno with new ID to be pleasent, "treat your ID with some respect. Let them be the boss and share your concerns and view points". Aviod bossiness, demanding and learn proper communication, pateince and more patience. Stand for your rights (also your quotes), yet be accomdating to some minor mistakes (which is bound to happen). There are many ID's who will do the sweettalk before they sign, and after that give you a Super H*LL of experince. Read the forums, there are plenty of horror stories. Atleast, i didn;t find defong to be off that. Oh, yes, some times i have to call him also a few times, but its understandable, as they are doing multiple projects and also have a family. But, he is very responsible, understood, what i wanted and delievered with no problems. We are happy and thank God for pretty good experince of rennovation. I wish you all the best, with your new ID and his renovation and hope your experience will be pleasent one like mine with defong. Btw, which new ID firm, did you choose?
  5. Some more pictures of bedroom wardrobe and also another bookshelf cum wardrobe...
  6. All Id's have there particular style, big set ups are different from small. But again big ones come with a price and some time no surety of good workmanship. Anyway my experience with him is not bad at all. We are pretty happy with our new home reno. Will be moving this month end.
  7. I used Defong for my bedok central renovation.... it's now 95 % complete. I found his quotation to pretty resonable and workmanship very very satisfactory... See some pictures of my reno
  8. darcbleu, 'Can consider Defong. My reno almost done, minus all the cabinets. BO is also considering him. He is visiting me on Friday night. Intrested, pm me. Raayn, yup package is sometiems good. But usally some catch is always there....many things like lighting and other stuff not in it. At least add another 30% to the cost. 15K for a basic reno is still possible.
  9. Can try also JOS curtains... i found him very professional and the service is good. He usally do a lot for the condo's. Quotation very competetive and resonable. Pm me for contact.
  10. I just got setteled this week in my curtains too... did it from JOS Curtain and Interior services. Installation 1st week of October... i think his quotations are very resonable...mine slightly over $1k plus. for day and night, living full length, and the rest all night half length. Seems to me like good stuff and professional service. Intrested PM me for contact.
  11. Big Orange, please bold my name. Thanks. Finally, Got my keys .... seems like i am first one from Block 221B.... Also, more of less settled with my ID, going with Defong Interior. Will be signing the agreement next week. Very satisfied with the discussion and quote so far. I searched more than 20 ID's .....and his one i believe is the best. Quality of work to be tested.... saw another unit he did in Bedok... looks good to me...Work starting in two weeks time... Can visit by appointment
  12. Yes, 10k to 18k for a simple alcarte renovation and 20k to 25k for a moderate rennovation (nothing fancy) Add another 8k to 15K for the appliances, bedding, curtians etc etc All in over 30k.... Reminds me of one old saying " it's easy to buy an elephant but difficult to feed him"
  13. Not sure whether thinck curtain will play the trick here? The train gains good momemtum, by the time it reaches our blocks, so no screeching sounds.....seems bereable, not so bad...Believe will get used to whatever the noise level is, after a while. Still better than the afternoon sun. Not sure, how true it is... but heard .... high floor is more noiser than the low floor... i think they call it the dopler effect. Any confirmations to this.
  14. I am on 4th, facing the MRT. 97sqm
  15. Regarding quotations.... As mine is low budget (unlike some of you) was looking for ID's and comparing cost.... Just wanted basic's reno only... done first... so i came up with a need list of rennovation.... (and send it to 20 ids, five of them replied back ( D'espirit, Promax Homemakers, Weikie, Sk Interior, Artthouts). Not sure how to attach a word or excel file here... so its all 5 ID's quote are in order but messed up.... try to make sense...If not give me your email id and i will send the comparison chart... in excel format. The quotation vary from 18k to 24 K. The quote includes aricon, which i just added in the list for fun, as may not be getting the ID to do it Here's the comparisson, of the five id's, (the tables have disappeared) D'espirit Promax Homemakers Weikie Sk Interior Artthouts Masonry Work 1 Supply & lay 60x60 polished homogenous floor tiles with skirting for living & dining hall also for the 3 bedroom homogenous floors 4700 5480 4680 5000 5000 3 Construct cabinet base c/w side tiling. 180 280 460 200 180 4 Construct fridge base c/w full tiling. 100 140 NA 90 80 5 Construct washing machine base c/w full tiling. 100 100 inc 90 80 6 Construct shower kerb c/w full tiling at two bathrooms. 200 NA 160 na 100 Plumbing Work 7 Supply & extend of copper pipes at kitchen. 250 160 250 120 120 8 Supply & extend of outlet pipes for kitchen sink & washing machine. 120 100 60 60 9 Supply labour to install water heater at our 2 bathrooms. 80 FOC 100 50 160 10 Supply labour to install 2 bathrooms accessories. 120 FOC 120 60 80 Ceiling Work 11 Supply & construct simple design cornice **** and dinning area 450 500 420 600 280 12 Supply & construct simple design cornice at 3 bedrooms 480 FOC 400 inc 450 13 Supply Labour to install all ceiling lights 144 FOC 60 FOC 200 100 Aluminum Work 14 Supply & install Whole House Aluminium Window Grilles 1521 980 1700 1295 1347 15 10mm Tempered Glass Shower Screen for Master Bathroom 420 960 400 600 650 16 10mm Tempered Glass Shower Screen for common Bathroom 420 inc 400 inc 650 Painting Work 17 Supply & paint whole unit wall & ceiling using ICI or NIPPON emulsion paint. 1200 1100 1200 1250 1300 18 Supply & paint pipe & gate using gross paint. 180 FOC inc 180 Carpentry Work/ Kitchen 19 Design & fabricate 20ft(L) top & bottom kitchen cabinet c/w solid laminated doors with ABS trimming, 2 nos glass panel, drawers & design handles. 1 set of Cutlery Tray 2200 2000 2400 3200 1800 20 Supply & install 10ft (L) solid surface worktop c/w front profile & backsplash. 850 700 900 840 800 21 Supply & install 2 tier stainless steel dish drainer at kitchen cabinet. 120 inc inc 250 22 Supply & install cooker hood and hob FOC FOC NA NA FOC 23 Design and fabricate 6ft (L) full height wardrobe with sliding door, full mirror at main bedroom 1980 1440 1620 2100 1680 24 Design and fabricate 6ft (L) full height wardrobe with sliding door at another bedroom 1680 1440 1620 1500 1440 Miscellaneous Work 25 Supply & install Mitsubishi ELECTRIC system 3 Split-unit aircon for 3 bedroom.(with 5 yrs compressor and 3 yrs parts warranty by agent). 1999 2050 2050 NA 3650 26 Supply & lay protection covering for floor finishes. 100 FOC FOC 200 120 27 Haulage & debris fees 800 FOC 260 1100 260 28 Acid chemical washing for whole unit. 200 FOC 600 200 150 Hope the above will help give you something to compare with your ID's quote. This is just a intro search to get a feel of the cost price of rennovation. If any of you have any other quotations, we can add more of this compare list.
  16. Hi, Thanks for creating this forum. Please add me in. I am from BLK 221 B, same as sheepy.