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  1. This layout is similar to my friend's EM located at Toh Guan. Yes it has the advantage of a service balcony but the living room and balcony as compared to my EM is smaller since the space has been taken by the service balcony. Nevertheless, service balcony is good to place your washing machine and hang your clothes. For me w/o a service balcony, I got to hang my clothes at the kitchen area.
  2. Hehe .. that's why I said the floor plan is something like mine. I don't have my own exact floor plan so I borrow others for illustration purposes ... hehe paiseh.
  3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v399/sme...lanModified.jpg Hi All My mansionette is something like the floor plan above whereby the living room on 1st floor is my master bedroom on the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor, there is a balcony with a tiled roof that overlooks my master bedroom on 2nd floor. Instead of just a tiled rooftop for the 1st floor balcony, I wanted to turn it into 2 balconies, 1 for each floor. Meaning I will hack the window for my master bedroom, install either a sliding or foldable door and construct a floor on that space which was previously the tiled roof. Some condos have this kind of balcony attached to the master bedroom. I was thinking if I can do the same for my mansionette. I wondered if any mansionette owners did have such a renovation before for their own unit. Please provide feedback if this idea is feasible or if HDB will approve of such a renovation/construction.
  4. I have a friend who is doing feature wall for lcd tv. I could ask him to come in here so that he could answer any queries that you guys might have.
  5. you can try Palace Lights along Balestier. Look for Kelvin or Steven. min ceiling height from ceiling to floor if im not mistaken according to HDB rule, it must be min 2.4M.
  6. Based on my experience after I sold my flat last year, your actual profit will be : Sale Price OF Flat -(CPF Amount Used To Pay Current Flat+CPF Accrued Interest+Balance of Housing Loan) = Profit This profit will be given by HDB officer during 2nd appointment to hand over the keys to the new owner in the form of Cashier's Order which is equivalent to a cheque.
  7. Wow .. Tampines is my dream area but too bad @ that point of them when I was scouting around for my new flat, I don't have that much cash power in my hands. I wonder how much COV did you pay 4 that unit?
  8. Anyone here has any experience using the Panasonic Air-Con with the built-in ionizer before? http://www.coolserve.com.sg/htmdocs/produc...ils.asp?id=1823
  9. Over the weekend when I was @ All Best, the staff told me that for the non-inverter type for LG System 3, the compressor doesn't have a split unit in it. Meaning even if you are running for the master bedroom alone or with all 3 units on, the compressor will always function at full power. This could mean higher power consumption for those who don't fully utilize the system 3 on a regular basis.
  10. Do take note that the actual profit after selling the flat is : Sale Price Of Flat - (Remaining Housing Loan+Total Amount Used For Payment Of House @ Time Of Sale+Acrued CPF OA Interest) = Actual Profit. Therefore the actual profit for clockwork might not be $65K after all. Not forgetting you need to minus off your agent's commission as well.
  11. For those still looking for a fan, the venue below are having their warehouse sales till 1st July : Eunos Warehouse 3 Kaki Bukit Rd 2 #01-08A (opp Geely Showroom) 10am - 9pm 9880-8447
  12. Cant really recall offhand on what's the average price for EMs for Woodlands area. However my unit is near to the market,24hrs supermarket, 7-11 store and 10mins walk to Woodlands MRT. Moved-in last year around Nov and now thinking of doing some minor renovations. Previously I didn't get the chance to do up the EM before moving in, as the buyer for my old flat can't give me the buffer period as he was a PR and his rental lease for his unit was up & the owner wanted him to vacate the premises ASAP. You are one lucky gal indeed coz i wasn't able to get a unit with a reasonable price back in Hougang.
  13. Was wondering to when did you purchase your EM at Hougang coz it kinda hard to get a unit w/o COV. I did have a look around at Hougang last year when I was looking for a resale flat and basically all are asking for COV of min $40K. At last I settle for an EM in Woodlands for COV of $17K, with valuation of $345K. It's a walk-up unit on the 3rd floor but HDB is gonna build the lift soon as they have mail us the pamphlets for it.
  14. I have moved into my current resale flat and intended to change the current System 3 air-con which is more than 10 years old. I had the system serviced before and confirmed there wasn't any leakage in the piping system. Now I intended to change the aircon and was quoted 1.8K for a Toshiba System 3 with non-inverter using R22 w/o the change of piping. Sounds expensive to you guys?