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  1. Hi rulz, its always gd to prepare yrself well before commiting yourself to a contractor or ID. its a coincidence im using thom signature for my current EM reno.I din go for overhaul but just did some changes to level one flooring and carpentary etc Thomas is my ID a very accomodating guy and right now my hse is in installing carpentery stage..so far so gd ..very good workmanship. too bad this time round im lazy to start a reno blog and I din monitor closely the reno process due to being tied down with 2 kids and work.
  2. Hi Shamin,

    My hp no. 97459971

  3. Hi,

    Is it convenience for you to drop down your contact no. for us to call you?

    I need some detail from you so that i would be able to give you a quote.

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your interest.

    Best regards


  4. Thanks ...looking at something like that since i cant do glass railings for safety purpose
  5. Hi Andrina, may i know how much u are charged for the stairs? is the railing stainless steel?
  6. I ever visited a Gen 2 EM with a tiny room partition out frm the kitchen area...studyroom remain the same size. But ventilation wise i feel its stuffy even with lourve door
  7. ok i sold my 5I (126sqm) at Jurong west with a COV of 42k and got my EM at Jurong West too (2 streets away from my current hse but level 2 unit ) at 35k COV
  8. wah spikedoll u are going to move frm NE to west area? i saw the valuation for that 558 EM only at 515k
  9. EM owners, can advise wat are the pros and cons staying on lower floor like 2nd level? Most EM i view are level 2 those on higher levels are hard to find , even if have also very high COV
  10. spikedoll, i think i know which unit u refering to cos i was there to view this unit last week too! the COV is scary lor cos that uncle is not in a hurry to move so i would say its not a motivated seller lah ...just wait and see if any buyers can match his price but i doubt so lor.
  11. those at st 41 are really sky high ..can goes as high as 100K! scary man!
  12. Hi ashiesthm may i know which exact location u got ur EM? Im looking for one too but all asking high COV ..mostly above 60K for a not so gd condition EM to 70-80k for a movein condition EM
  13. thanks bento28 din know that the COV in jurong area would be so high ....tsk tsk tsk .. 70k is inclusive of rewiring as well right?