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  1. I received a quote for changing tiles.Any experienced here pls check is it ok?Mine is a 3 room flat.I just need to hack old tiles in living room and need to overlay laminate in both bedrooms Details as attached Rgds Biju
  2. So you mean contractor can remove the pop up tiles and do overlay the new tiles without hacking rest of floor? means the hacking charge will be saved...! rgds
  3. Can you pls give me your contractor no? I like to consult with him...Wow you did 5k for 5room my contractor gave 8k for my little 3room..
  4. Dear Missysonialin Thank you for the heads up.I have to hack the whole flooring coz its poped up one side.Today a contractor came and advice me to redo whole room flooring (living+2 bd room).He says if he start hacking one side automatically will pop up other side also which i am not sure.He estimated $4.5k+ for living room and $8k for whole house.I think he is quite high from what you showed me...He said hacking license from hdb cost additional $300 rgds
  5. I would like to hack my living room tiles and change to homogeneous tiles.Anybody can can give me an idea how much it cost? The size of living room is 3050cm x 7200.I wants to have an idea of cost before going to a contractor thank you Biju
  6. Dear All... I was planning to overlay laminate But recently I saw the tiles started poping up on floor.So what I need to got to a contractor to remove the tiles1st or I can go a flooring company like supreme or evorich directly that they can give a quote for both removing the old tiles? Any experienced person pls advice...
  7. Jessie Inside Living Design..96856679

  8. Hello, May I have the contact of your ID pls. Thanks

  9. I think the Geylang is quite good verities with decent/bargain pricing followed by balestier
  10. Why need to change?? its okey as long as you can click with your id
  11. I did my 3rm flat 1 year back.My ID was from Inside Living Design.It was very good.
  12. Any idea where to find those floating shelves except IKEA. I am looking for those without any visible bracket.I like the LACK model which IKEA has but hte width is big for me... Thank you
  13. I did kitchen and toilet full with a laminated cabinet with solid top,plaster the whole house including hacking half of wall sep kitchen and dining,wiring whole house and painting whole house with ICI paint.My id gave me hood and hob+ sink as foc. Total cost $19500.So it can happen if ur living and bedroom tiles and windows are okey.I didnot tile my kitchen just cement plaster and used washable paint.1st you need to look at your house and decide what necessary.It is not good to spend so much money for 3 room cos we may need to move out once family get bigger....
  14. yes possible.I did mine all except changing living, bedroom tiles and windows.Mine was Jessie from Inside living......