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  1. I can't really remember the laminates name except Jason saying tiger strips .... keke. Color combi for cabinets wifey choosed. She like the white range while I like the darker. But I left the choice to her.
  2. Recently went to Wihardja, they sells these stuffs and seem to be reasonably prices too. The protriats I saw about 2 feet was in range of $30++ while huge supltures are $100. I saw similiar but smaller ones, about < 1feet going at cash convertors bedok at $8 to $12. Wihardja (67417717) are located at the following address Ubi/Eunos - 175, Ubi Ave 4 Clementi - Blk 345, Clementi Ave 5 Seletar - 8 Jln Selaseh Senoko - 24 Senoko drive Sg Kadut - 32 Sg Kadut way Katong - 183 East Coast rd They opens from 1030H - 0800H during sales period only. Hope u find yr stuffs. Good luck!!!
  3. Like I mentioned before .... PS3 is the way to go for me. Can I do some market research 1st ... seem like 80GB or 160GB is the choice I would go for at the moment.... by the way, I had PM my contacts in case u ladies have to organised a GB earlier Can see there for more info http://www.sgclub.com/singapore/ps3_40gb_80gb_94745_3.html
  4. My humble abode taking shape http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1677...mp;id=720514214 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=7412...mp;l=e0dfb9469b
  5. ` hi fondue, Ah Soon painters do multi layers of painting. The jotun is juz the base. I noticed this when they were at work at my place too. But rest assured, they used the type of piant, be it ICI or Nippon... I happened to pop by while they were painting juz to check. Also my place all falling in place ler. The kitchen cabinets are in place and I really love Jason's desgins. Now left the hard surface top and the bi-fold/shower doors and the rectifications. Hold yr horses, hungry now, going for breakfast 1st.
  6. Juz inspected my new place, now I understand what u all meant by the electrical works. Well meeting Jason tomolo ... pity Ah Soon & jason ... need to do more rectifications for us again. But I love the work Jason done to the kitchen cabinets. Will post pics tomolo ... stay tune
  7. Well, good thing is they are very flexible ... wife juz told Jason she don't like. They will change it. We also ensured that even when they changed the location, they would change the affected tiles which was drilled into. Thats something very different from other contractors. I have seen from my mom's place renovation previously ... they practically juz patchup the holes only. Thumbup to Ah Soon company of merry man
  8. keke ... In my case, I scout around, take pics and video conference with wifey to purchase stuffs. Understand coz she cannot suka suka take leave/off. Anyway, my ordeal is almost over ... now left daughter's room stuff nia Checked online last yr was $580 with 2 games free. Not sure now though
  9. Tigades, 1stly congrats !!! Secondly, welcome to Ah Soon community
  10. Thanks for the recommendations!!! Yup guards is my wifey primary concern. Afraid daughter would fall off the bed. But currently she is sleeping on our bed surrounded by pillows Wifey wanted to get the extendable type of bed. But i opinioned that it was unneccesary since we have already bought single comforters and bedding sheets. Ok i would drag her along the field trips.
  11. mrspiglet, since u mentioned it, my side we also highlighted to Jason the uneven tiling in the MBR mosiac. By the way, what is groutings >.<. Wifey also did not like where the hand spray was installed. Jason was very kind to accede to our request. We also share with Jason that if future, we could avoid this rectification if our opinion could be seek 1st.
  12. *defend yr husband* Wife decide then lesser clashes of decisions lor By the way, while u laides r thinking of getting the WII, can ask for discount for PS3. Hitch a ride and make purchases together. I m drolling for the PS3 blueray
  13. Thanks So its their practise to cleanup before the cabinet installation? Although excited to see how the new place is coming ... but been put off by the travelling. By the way, anyone here can recommend any place to get kid (2 yr old) bedding and cupboard. Apart from Ikea, where can one go to? looking at single size bed and drawers. Wife in favour of kiddy concept while I preferred practical.
  14. Hi all, Keke ... not completed but dunno why the whole house was cleaned up. Rectifications also not done yet. Was told by Jason that they would continue with the rectification, installing of the kitchen cabinet and lightings tomolo. Sorry ah, no developments yet ... so lazy to post pics. This weekend will post any new changes ok Now on course and mentally shack from having to travel from Bedok to Upp Jurong Rd daily....
  15. Lol, many Wii fans here. Cool gadgets .... juz came back from a long day. Brought wifey around. Bought ourselves bedsheets & comforters from Aussino. Purchased a rattan laundry basket. Wanted to buy a bamboo lightings to make part of the partition but wifey dun like the idea. So have to trash the idea. Headed down to Spotlight and purchased all the curtain railings and beanie bag. Lastly dropped by Sim Siang Choon to buy the bathroom accessories. My 1.3a Honda Fit was packed to the fullest before we headed for our new place. Carrying all the stuffs up, as surprised that Ah Soon fellow man had cleaned and washed up our new place. Although tired and pocket burned with a big hole, was pleased to see the our new place spic and span
  16. Ah Hoon noodles, Ba Chor Mee, Ah Hee Noodles to name a few .... Well there got many kakis mah .... food only part of the story i guessed.
  17. Yellow in color with a house drawing .... fu gui something company ... keke .... tomolo see can find time ... i scan post here .....
  18. bkc=ban kim chuan electronic store. My parents trusted neighbourhood store for purchases ... think my mom's present place electronic/electrical stuffs are all bought from there. The aunty very nice too...keke
  19. i see. I was stayiing at Blk 64 previously .... I grew up from that side ... although have moved away from there ... but parents always love to go back there for breakfast.... recently went BKC to look see look see, in the end my parent bought the look see items as gift for us
  20. Ah Soon got namecard ... I got one from him .... but in my file & its in the car now
  21. mrspiglet ... dun mind me asking, previously were you staying at New Upper Changi Rd too? Am asking becoz noticed some of yr stuffs were bought from Ban Kim Chuan
  22. Thx mrspiglet & pinkpetter ... u two really very hyper in this forum hmm not bad actually ... more money to buy my PS3
  23. izzit .... he never mentioned.... I never asked ... keke .... okay tomolo said Tampines & Simei recommend By thw way ... care to show pic of shelving Ah soon had done for you plz
  24. Juz went genting rd to scout for store room shelving today. Also drop by Wihardja to look see look see. Many nice stuffs. Thus far, ceiling fans is up .... all lightings have been delievered. Too lazy to post pics here .... thought I share what I had posted in FB http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=6931...mp;l=5659a7f357
  25. Wow ... progress so fast .... mine turn from next Monday onwards Alas I can;t drop by that often coz will be on course till completion. By the way fondue, today papers got many warehouse sale for funitures