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  1. Dear all, Appreciate if anyone have come across the below product Been around awhile for flats since 10 yrs back. Most new HDB homes should come install with this model too. However, juz can't seem to find one from the countless hardware stores I have visited. Thanks in advance for all the tips
  2. Hi, Anyone found the product? I am also looking for the product ... not in favour to use the J type .... thanks
  3. Hi jailbird .... have not concluded on what kind of bamboo partition I will be using yet. Still scouting around.... some very interesting design I have seen are from a designer ID shop juz opp Sakae Sushi at tradehub 21 and a bamboo partition blind from Whardja. Sorry did not take any pics yet
  4. spam chop nice layout .... welcome to RT
  5. Hi fondue, Well as my wifey's work dun allow her to suka suka get leave/off. I had to go alone all most of the trips. For lights, I reckoned u can go to some large lighting store, etc Lighting Centre at Geylang Rd, Lightings Palace along Jalan Besar, Balestier for ideas 1st. Identified the theme u r looking at. Then shop at shops DK lightings or smaller shops. Frankly their prices r cheaper. But if dun like to go thru all the hassle.... juz get from one store all yr stuffs Yup handspray location seems funny ... will ask david again ....
  6. I hope u r feeling better now. Maybe too muz dust from the visit to new place. Ya they sure work fast ..... I bought my stuffs from Adamas at tradehub 21. From reference, Joe was handling my case. I bought everything from there taking their package + upgrade. Wah I thought I was alone .... My purchases for toilet stuffs led me to recce from Genting Lane - Jalan Besar -Geylang - Tradehub 21. As for lightings, I recce from Jalan Besar - Geylang - Balestier. I am glad i can put all these behind me liao. Everything purchased except daughter's room stuffs. I will leave them for wifey.....
  7. Thanks so muz for the update. Pop down to HDB hub and purchased the shower head. His name is Mr Heng and his push-cart store is juz opps NTUC. Yes have to agreed its a great product. Been using it ever since i purchased one yrs back .. ty again
  8. I juz came back from my place ... no one around ... guessed full force at yr place. Can understand too coz we already sounded our intentions to delay the progress. 3 week of April I think still can lor ... they worked over the weekend to get mine done. Carpentry like puzzle .... they make elsewhere then piece up. Seems our renovation would end about same timing too
  9. I opinion that tower fan wind is weak compared to the conventional standing fan. If space is your main constrain, then the tower fan is the way to go. Do take note that tower fan wind direction is not as direct compare to the standing ones.
  10. MBR toilet - noticed the hand spray location? Wifey dun like & has ask to relocate it. Whole view of kitchen area Common bathroom. Noticed the hand spray and shower location? Wifey has ask to relocate them. Kitchen left wall.
  11. keke ... stop by to see how a fellow Yishun renovations. How yr progress so far? My side left the kitchen cabinets and lightings. We will be delaying our progress due to my work commitments. Also my picky wifey wants some rectifications to the water mixer and hand spray locations
  12. Hi All, Have used this product previously and could be found on sale during pasar malam. Loves the water jet spray features of the product. Juz bought one last yr only. However can't seem to find one now. Would appreciate if anyone could inform me if you do get to see this product. Many thanks. Front Back
  13. Dear all, Am looking out for the below shower head. When I 1st bought this showerhead was way back about 10 yrs ago. On the purple box, marks "Waterfall Plumbing Product - Item No : 228" while the behind show "The Spa Shower (360 days warranty, 7 days money back guarantee)" This product was always marketed during pasar malam. I juz bought one for my mom's place sometime last year. Although the box has the address, M-Labelle 1.D. 30 Kallang Pudding Rd #04-03 and the no 62898004 h/p 94569166 ... but the no do not exist anymore while the h/p is unavailable. As such I thought I try here. Front Back Product found!!!
  14. You can said that my wife is the more particular one. As she work almost everyday from 11 to 9pm. She cannot accompanied me on the trips. Imagine initially I had to take lots of pics. Then i resorted to video call to ask for her opinion. Yup recce lots of places. from Geylang - Jalan Besar - Balestier. While yesterday alone, I recce from 2pm to 7pm. While all was worthwhile .... all lights purchased liao My personal opinion on lights recce, plz bring yr wifey along !!! The purchased price, although is advertised, still can ask for discount. My personal experience, the lights shops in Balestier will do delivery while those at Geylang muz carry a min purchase price (Although all the 3 shops I made an average $300++ ea)
  15. Aircon installations - con't One operated on the outside .. secure by a rope while another work on the inside All debris and unwanted stuffs were neatly throw here The old compressor This point onwards, I gotta run then. For your knowleadge ... plz get the technician to fill up the warranty cards for you and the the air-con installation report for HDB properties for submission to the HDB Branch Office. Anyway the GAIN CITY technician did pass me, but he did not signed it. However a call to GAIN CITY and they sent me the doc via mail.
  16. Yup very economical .... juz $3.90 for the round ones while the bathroom is $16.90 .... as for the bulbs ... easy to change .... juz replace them next time lor Hi zonkkie, Have to agreed, in renovations ...many things to considered.... from where to place the lights to sink.... really a brain drainer
  17. Installation of Aircon - 17 Mar 09 The appointment was 1330H. They came at 1320H. Impressed that they are early... Hitachi 2 Split system Compressor Armaflex Insulator copper piping
  18. Familiar? Well we got this for the walkway to foyer For walkway to store room and bedroom 2 x of this for kitchen Toilet lighting and store room from IKEA - no pics Dining table lighting - pics unavailable
  19. Lounge Area Lighting - to accompany the Fanco Aroma series ceiling fan. Not available for MBR - To our dismay Initially intended this for the lounge area ... but since the above was not available - we shall place this in the MBR For bedroom 2 - Daughter's room For bedroom 3
  20. Wow u ladies are fast ... I juz happened to click on the fav and juz realised that the links are up Well last night juz brought wifey over to new place. As the lights are out, we were scouting around with a torchlight. The toilet fitting which has arrived yesterday have all been fitted yesterday. However, my wifey has other thoughts on how they were placed. As such didn't take any pics. Oh yes, yesterday was a frantic day for me. I went to Geylang Road intending to get my lightings from DK Lighting and Lighting Centre Pte Ltd. However to my dismay, the stocks in Lighting Centre were unavailable and I have to wait for 1 month. Disheartened, I departed for Balestier. I walk to and fro the whole stretch and managed to top-up the selection for my kitchen, dining and MBR lightings before heading off to Geylang road again to purchase the rest of the lightings. I shall post the lightings 1st....
  21. Something I should have done , thanks rendell for the reminder, search ONLINE Some info .... Topic: Screen/Divider/Partition Conf: Discuss :: Free Advice (General Feng Shui), Msg: 11859 From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy) Date: 8/28/2002 07:35 PM Dear Anon, 1. If there is a straight path between the main door to the back e.g. window / balcony or door; then, it is best to use an `air-tight' screen/partition or divider. 2. The divider can be built e.g. bottom portion housing some cabinets and the top half can be e.g. a glass screen or display shelf. attached to each other, with >frame made of wood and centre >panel made of paper or bamboo >sticks acceptable? 3. Yes, the above is acceptable, so long as it helps to divert qi or allows qi to meander around the screen into the house. Rather than directly flowing out or `leaking' out of the house. http://www.geomancy.net/resources/forum-archive/11859.htm Bamboo stalk are easily available at farmart and the florist farm just beside Kovan mrt.
  22. Juz came back from my new place. Wall toilets tiles are up. Thats fast Will update pic tomolo.
  23. ic.... so the motion of the blades does not disturb the lights rays .... i mean i saw in some friend's place whereby the ceiling lights are placed in between the lights .... when the ceiling fan is switch on .... there something like a disco effect ...... the blades cut into the lights rays.