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  1. Blue diamond and preciousjam and pbtgal: Thank you all for your sweet comments. I am also glad our bold attempt to use "daring" color turns out to be good. I still have a lot to learn from the rest. As I mentioned, our next phase will be on house decoration and bringing in the furnitures. Particularly, I will take some ideas from preciousjam blog on how to beautify our passage wall. dyleen: 29.8K as of now. ID have not reveal the full figure yet as I did some add-on during the renovations. Should not exceed 32K I believe. Just another update. I have finally decide on a TV console. To be delivered next Tuesday. Photos to be posted next week.
  2. Your study corner must be very big...
  3. Our Kitchen, 2 view What a big change compare to the first time we got the keys for our flat. I will stay in this forum for some time to view other posts regarding furniture and decorative ideas. For now, the top of my priority list is a white TV console.
  4. Busy, busy for the past few weeks. I have to close up all final rectifications that I found in my house with my ID. Also my wife and I have started to equipped the house with all the necessities, pots, pans, refrigerator, washing machine etc... My house renovation has come to a full completion. I am glad and happy that all weeks on kitchen item sourcing, light selections and close follow up with our house progress is over. No doubt it is tiring at times but overall, this whole arrangement has been a pleasant experience really. We are also glad that our ID did a good job for us. Apart from some delays on the electrical work side, all other work such as tiling, carpentry has been closed to flawless and well done. Rectification are deal with quickly with no further questioning from our ID. We also let our ID to use our home for open house on two occasions for his clients. As far as I know, some of his potential customers have decided to pen their signature to a renovation contract with him after viewing our house. We are happy that we did him a good favour in return. Now for the finished article. Some photos are taken by a photographer hire by our ID. You can also view his website for more informations. Kid's room wall shelves with orange re lamination Master bedroom cabinet Foyer Our red common toilet Our master toilet
  5. SW80

    First Home

    I like your clock. An excellent design idea..
  6. Find out for you. For the downlight portion I don't know..
  7. We overhaul the kitchen and the toilets. Marble flooring **** room and wooden flooring in bedroom we polish and touch up. So far.. As per contract: $29.8K Mis: $1950 (electrical work, extra window etc..) Hope it stay there Should been more, but he is behind schedule. End up he FOC us a few items..
  8. Today's progress has been good. ID very eager to make our house a showflat for his future customer to be. I have promised to allow him to take some photo and bring in some of his customer to our house this weekend. Painting is more or less done up. This is for our future kids room. I now realized both of us are very "aggressive" in terms of color selection. Guest Room Our kitchen, left with the hob to be set up this Saturday. The red glass panel is setup and effect with the downlight looks good. Our the other side of kitchen, fitted with the oven left by the previous owner, where we find it is still new. We decide to re-use. Its so difficult to take toilet photos, no matter where we stand. Need to look for a wide lens camera to do the job. I will update my blog with better photos in another few days time.
  9. We had run around to a lot of places last weekend. Looking for a tv console and a dinning table. Went to Defu furniture at Bukit Batok, found price a bit exp and non of the items are to our liking Later went to Nova shop at Boon Lay way, where we decide on a marble top dinning table eventually. At first we were considering the glass dinning table as the "metallic" stainless steel support will give our house a more modern look. But after some thinking, it still substances over style. We would probably need more time to clean off the fingerprints if we purchase a glass table. Our pick.. I still having problems looking for a white TV console. Not many good designs around. Any recommendations ?
  10. Should be last week 20th. Hope I dont see that same electrician again. He is slow, sloppy (he misalign quite a few of my power point socket) and dont seems to understand proper instructions.
  11. I wish I have such fantastic birdview from outside my house like yours..
  12. You are giving me ideas on how to design my balcony..
  13. Looking forward to see your old house condition and starting of renovation.
  14. I was not happy with the past few days of progress.. Electrical work is slow. Painter is unsure whether to continue as he is still waiting for electrical guys to complete their work. Plumber even break 1 wall tile for my common toilet during rack installation.. The only consolation is the carpentry, where they did an almost flawless job.. My wife really make her unhappiness known to our ID, who we think is probably start focusing his attention to other new sites as our house is about to complete. Immediately after some unpleasant sms send out to him, he start pulling over more skillful electricians over. Give the house a good clean out and even FOC me two mirrors for our toilets as he acknowledged he is late for delivery. So far, things start moving well. At least he responded to our unhappiness. I would keep up the pressure on him for the next few days to try completing everything by next week. Meantime, we will start shopping for electrical household items. Now for the photos Common toilet sink installed, with white solid surface Master toilet sink installed, with cream solid surface. Kitchen sink with black solid surface Glass panel between the living room and kitchen installed. Kitchen carpentry is about to complete soon.